Last night I was on the tech team for a lan party at my university. They don't let us have an internet connection so its a closed network.

I ran dhcp3d and had some good results. The network was 100Mbit and about 80 computers (averaged during the 12 hours we were there).

I wanted to run bind9 and it would not serve the zone files I had configured.

I had the dhcp server on and wanted it to be called
on was
on was
on was

It seems simple but I just couldn't get it. Could somebody give me some sample zone files so I can compare them to what I had?

The servers served over 100 gigs of data (mostly ISO's for people to use). At one point disk throughput was the limiting factor from the ftp server.

On the dhcp/dns server I think something wasn't running right.

With just dhcp, cron(for webalizer logs), dns, and ssh running it was using 118 megs of ram. I also only had the required modules running. removed all of the sound modules & extra filesystem modules and it was still using quite a bit of resources. Is this normal usage?