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Thread: Alternative Knoppix Compression

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    Alternative Knoppix Compression

    I looking to make a mini (185mb or 210mb) knoppix cd. I read in the OSNEWS article that knoppix uses gzip compression. I was wondering if anyone had tried a different compression algorithm or if anyone knows how to make the change. I did a little digging and found UCL:

    I have never heard of this before and I really don't know how it compares to gzip. I'd like to hear from anyone who has used it. The other possibility would seem to be bzip2. In his interview, Klaus said it was slower, but he really didn't explain how slow. Has anybody tried bzip2? Is it usable on a modern system?

    With such a small space a slight performance hit may be acceptable if it allows increased data storage.

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    Make a mini-cd

    Thanks for the link I will get around to checking it out someday it's added to my ever growing todo list.

    If you want to make a mini-cd you might find the info on my homepage helpfull.See the "Tech2k mini-cd".The one in my shirt pocket now is 208meg and it is also what I have installed to the hdd and do all my work from.Last night I made a 100meg mini text only Knoppix and will take that on down to a bbc.Speaking of bbc andther good place to see is .The "nightly builds" are like a grab bag and you can also use the gar-cvs and build your own iso online.To find more info on remastering the lnx-bbc just google "extract_compressed_fs".

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    thanks for the linkage

    I appreciate the link to the BBS. I'll try it out as soon as I get a chance (probably thursday)

    peace out

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