Hello, Linux Newbie speaking, help me join you!

I want to run some software under Linux, this software is supplied on a CD, but my laptop only has the one CDROM drive.

Once I've booted to Knoppix is there any way to remove the CD and run/install software from that CDROM drive?

Is there some Linux software availible that will mount 'virtual drives' from CD images (ISO/Bin+Cue etc) which are on the HDD?

Or would I have to boot into windows as normal, copy/install the software to the HDD and then reboot into linux and launch the software from the HDD.

[ Specifically I have a Toshiba Satellite S2450-201 and I want to load some DJ software called Stanton Final Scratch - as the softare is CPU intensive it only runs under Linux or Mac NOT Windows! Linux 1 - 0 Microsoft haha! ]

Cheers for your help guys