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Thread: resolve failure

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    5 resolve failure

    I am using script to remaster my knoppix-3.3 iso. I have
    unpacked it and chrooted it. I am in the process of removing all packages I
    dont need. However I am new to debian and to apt-get. I tried:

    apt-get update

    and it says"
    Err stable/main Packages
    Temporary failure resolving ''

    I do have internet within the chroot because I have succesfully wgeted
    several files. And other computers on my network can resolve and visit I am not sure why this is happening. any help would be
    appreciated. This livecd is for a project for school.

    Rick S.

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    heh. I forgot to:

    mount -t proc /proc proc
    and edit /etc/resolv.conf

    its all going now.

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