Please excuse my ignorance if this is a stupid question as i'm a linux newbie. I can successfully boot up and I'm using Konqueror to write this as I type. However I can't seem to mount my FAT32 partition (I also have an NTFS partition but that doesn't matter) on my laptop. There are 12 hda's listed and each one when I try to mount gives me /dev/hda_: Input/output error, mount:I could not determine filesystem type, and none was selected (where "_" is 1 thru 12). I thought Knoppix can automatically detect the partitions. Am I missing a step or does linux not like my partiticular config System configuration is Windows XP Pro with a c:NTFS and d:FAT32 partition. I was hopefully at minimum that I can use the Fat32 partition. Please advise. Thanks in advance!

PS upon startup and when I try to mount any of the 12 hda's, there's a physical noise attributed to linux trying to determine the file system I suppose (hard drive almost grinding, hope that's normal)