I'm running the Debian created by using the install to hard drive script and Knoppix 3.1. Seems to have gone reasonably well except:

Lilo. Simply didn't work. I'll try and podge together a lilo.conf on my SuSE drive: currently the only way I can get into Knoppix/Debian is through the SuSE install CD!

Internet. kppp exits with "The pppd daemon died unexpectedly!
Exit status: 4" which reads:

"4 The kernel does not support PPP, for example, the PPP kernel
driver is not included or cannot be loaded."

Can this be right?

I don't like kppp and would play with wvdial or kinternet (if I can find the source/ a Deb) but this looks very much like an error from pppd itself.

Sound.I can't get any sound. I'm running a KT3 Via Ultra board with the AC97 on board sound. SuSE 8.0 (with an earlier kernel!) picks this up just fine and loads the via 8233 driver. The RedHat configuration tool won't allow me to load what looks like the appropriate module.

Any ideas greatly appreciated. I want to be free of SuSE and learning the wonders of apt!