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Thread: Maxtor External USB Hard drive

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    Maxtor External USB Hard drive

    My windows xp machine crashed with an Unmountable_Boot_Volume error so I turned to knoppix to attempt to recover my data. I tried to use my Maxtor External USB Hard drive to back up my data, but Knoppix doesn't recognize the drive. Can someone help me find out how i can get knoppix to recognize the drive?

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    I have a working maxtor onetouch 300 gb on linux.

    if i remember correctly knoppix configures automatically correct if its connected on boot time.

    i have conneted the drive via firewire

    I have this in my /etc/fstab

    # Added by KNOPPIX
    /dev/sda1 /mnt/sda1 vfat noauto,users,exec,umask=000,uid=knoppix,gid=knoppi x 0 0

    you should make sure that you have a working hotplug

    if you have installed knoppix on hard drive and have know a different user name and not the default knoppix you have to adapt your uid=username and gid=groupname to your actual user and group name..

    hope that helps

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    I can olny comment on firewire - I find that versdions 3.3 onwards for my Maxtor external drive to be recognised, I have to run the script.

    for emergency stuff, I keep a copy of knoppix 3.2 around as this version recognises and mounts my firewire drives automatically.

    sorry have not yet played around with USB in Linux (firewire has been enough of a battle!)

    post the results of "lspci -v" and "lsmod" if you need further help (both commands might have to be run as root).

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