I have a 40gb disk that has Windows 2000 installed onto a 40gb NTFS partition. I am wanting to install Knoppix onto this disk and create a dual boot system, so I am booting the Knoppix 3.2 CD and trying to shrink the NTFS partition using ntfsresize and fdisk.

Following the instructions in the ntfsresize FAQ, I seem to have successfully shrank the partition to 25gb. I then have repartitioned the disk using fdisk, recreating the 25gb NTFS partition, and adding my new partitions: 10gb Linux, 1gb Linix swap & 4gb FAT32 share. Fdisk seems to successfully write the new partition table. I confirm this by starting fdisk again, selecting P, and see that all four partitions are listed.

So I then start the Knoppix install procedure, and lo and behold it states that there is only a 40gb NTFS partition available to (not) install onto... nothing anywhere about my shiney new Linux & Fat32 partitions.

So I quit and boot into Windows 2000 (no problem there... sigh of relief!) and it reports that my system disk 'C:' is 25gb. The Disk Management Administrative Tool reports the same, though confusingly the graphical part reports that it is a 40gb NTFS partition.

Is this an ntfsresize, fdisk or Knoppix install issue?Where am I going wrong? Or am I?

I'm not exactly a complete noob when it comes to Linux or Windows, but I've never really messed around with partitioning resize tools before (except the nifty GUI one that came with BeOS).

Please help, I'm itching to get Knoppix up and running so I can mess about with OpenOffice, Wine & all the other goodies therein.