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    KPackage is broken in Knoppix when installed to the hard drive. Type kpackage in a shell and try to use apt from it. Does't work for some reason.

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    ??? What Knoppix? Are you root? You have to be root to apt-get. But why are you trying to run kpackage from a shell? It's intended to be run from KDE start menu. There it will su to root when it needs it.
    Haven't had any trouble with Knx 3.1,3.2 or 3.3 so far.

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    Generally, Kpackage is useful only for installing individual .deb packages (ones which, say, google will find, but can't be found by apt-get because they're not in the depositories listed in your sources.list) it's a vastly inferior tool to apt-get (or, if you want apt-get with a gui front end, almost as good as the "real thing"), Synaptic.

    Generally, to use Kpackage you simply click on the .deb. That's all there is to it.

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