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Thread: Folder sharing between 2 networked Knoppix boxes

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    Folder sharing between 2 networked Knoppix boxes

    I have a Knoppix 3.2 box (installed on the harddrive), and another box which I booted into Knoppix 3.2 from the CD. Both PCs are on the same LAN. How can cause the second PC to see a shared folder located on the first PC? Does LinNeighborhood work for this?


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    Yes, SAMBA will do this. I set my main Knoppix PC up with a shared folder, that could be viewed r/w from my second (daughters) PC - I only did it last week but didn't make notes. I couldn't get any other method to work. Maybe have a search on this site on SAMBA server?

    If I can find what I changed I'll post it here.

    By the way you can use konqueror to view if you don't want to use linneighborhood - use the prefix 'smb' instead of 'file' or 'ftp' etc.

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    I'm amazed, I did make notes!!!!

    Invoke samba for file sharing using systemV init utility to get samaba running at startup (run level 5 and shutting it down too!). Set up which directory is shared by adding the following to the /etc/samba/smb.conf file:-

    browseable = yes
    path = /home/stuart
    read only = no
    create mask = 0775
    directory mask = 0777

    Setup a password using:-

    smbpasswd 'user' (your choice)

    The directory can be shared from another machine using linNeighborhood or by using the smb://HOME/stuart syntax in Konqueror (haven't worked out how to do printer sharing yet!) - this is the same protocol used by windows for network sharing. Do not confuse this with NFS, or LISa

    After making changes:-

    /etc/init.d/samba restart

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    When invoking smbpasswd you need to use the -a option unless the user already exists in the file.

    The man page says the following about this option:

    This option specifies that the username following should be added to the local smbpasswd file, with the new password typed (type <Enter> for the old password). This option is ignored if the username following already exists in the smbpasswd file and it is treated like a regular change password command. Note that the default passdb backends require the user to already exist in the system password file (usually /etc/passwd), else the request to add the user will fail.

    This option is only available when running smbpasswd as root.

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    hum ... why don't you use ssh/scp to access your box with the HD install ?

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    Samba, while a great and powerful solution, is said to be a pita to configure at times. For this reason I too use sftp (start up ssh server on my knoopix box, and then use WinSCP as sftp client on my windows box).

    sftp should work "out-of-the-box" with knoppix, but I'm not sure if there is a nice GUI.

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    If you are sharing folders between to Knoppix boxes, why not just use ssh? Here's what you do. As root, start ssh on the server box like this: /etc/init.d/ssh start If both boxes are running from the CD you will need to give the user knoppix a password. As root, do this: passwd knoppix Then enter you new password. You can then either ssh into you server box from a shell like this: ssh user@ip_for_serverbox or you can access your folders using fish in konqueror. To do the later, simply open konqueror and type the following in the url address bar: fish://user@ip_for_serverbox You will then have access to all the files and folders on the server box through konqueror. If you want to do this all from the command line in an ncurses environment, then I recommend that you look into using mc to ssh into your server box.

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