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Thread: can't find KNOPPIX filesystem

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    can't find KNOPPIX filesystem

    We burnt a Knoppix CD during remstering. And we are getting following error.

    Can't find KNOPPIX filesystem, sorry.
    Dropping you to a (very limited) shell.
    Press reset button to quit.

    Additional builtin commands available

    cat mount umount
    insmod rmmod lsmod

    We have followed the entire remastering pocess properly. Even we have remastered many knoppix Cd's without such a problem.

    The only diffence whcih we could think of is that we have installed the newer version of cloop-utils. Is it the reason for problem?

    please help us.

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    Have you followed your own instructions on ?

    please follow the steps of remastering given on
    Now that you've got what you deserved for such an useless answer , I have isolated the problem to a corrupt KNOPPIX file being generated. This is the process:

    1- Booting from and old KNOPPIX, we remaster it. The KNOPPIX file is created with an old cloop-tools.

    2- Now we boot from this remastered knoppix. The old cloop.o loads and "old format" KNOPPIX file. We remaster it again, but this time we are putting together the miniroot.gz containing an old cloop.o, and a KNOPPIX file generated with the new cloop.

    3- Our newly generated KNOPPIX can't be loaded by the cloop.o module contained in the miniroot

    Solution: inside a working KNOPPIX, update the copy on HD that you are going to repack, compile the sources of the latest unstable version of cloop.o, and put it inside miniroot.gz

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