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Thread: Blank Screen

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    Blank Screen

    Iíve just taken delivery of a Knoppix Live Linux disk. When I boot it from the cd drive all seems well. The relevant hardware appears to be recognised, and presumably loaded. When the loading seems to be over all that happens is the monitor goes blank, and all its function leds flash. Can you advise?

    System details
    Knoppix vers 3.3 build 2004-02-09 beta
    Mach 64 3D Rage 11C (or) Video Mach 64 3D Rage 11C AGP using XFree 86 (ati) server
    AP 19709 H 28 - 96 kHz V 50 - 75 0Hz Make Acer34a

    HDD 20GB (~20% used)
    RAM 128MB
    Pentium II 450 mHz

    Main OS Win XP


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    You should try using something like this when you boot knoppix xmodule=ati xvrefresh=60 alsa for the cheat codes at the boot: prompt in the lower left of the screen just start typing it in then enter when you are done.

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