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Thread: Knoppix and Crossover Windows: no graphic install. allowed?

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    Knoppix and Crossover Windows: no graphic install. allowed?

    I am completely new to the world of Linux and have a lot of difficulty installing anything in a Linux environment. I was using Mandrake until my hard disk crashed and wiped out my favorite Linux distribution. Right now I am running Knoppix until I change computers.

    A friend of mine said it's possible to edit a version of Knoppix to one's taste. That's my intention.

    About a year and a half ago, I bought a distribution of Crossover Windows and I was running a certain software program on it (the name of which I shall not mention here to avoid ruffling people's feathers).

    Open Office is a possibility, but it means new reformatting each time I or a colleage of mine opens a document at work (i.e. OO changes paragraphs, the tabulation, and bullets become weird symbols).

    My friend says installing Crossover Windows on my Knoppix CD-ROM would work, but he also mentioned he thinks it would be impossible to install anything that would normally require a graphic environment, as any MSWindows program would do.

    What are your suggestions? Thanks in advance.

    Claude Routhier, Montréal

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    I am running Microsoft Office without problems on Knoppix using Crossover Office.


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    I have installed crossover office into a persistent (700M) home directory. When I want MS Office apps, I just boot the knoppix cd with my "home=/dev/hda2" switch and it just works!

    Hope this helps


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    You will find that Knoppix (being a Debian based system) is much easier to edit/customise than Mandrake.

    The newer versions of Oo are better at matching MS Word formats than earlier versions, although Excel still has some problems with a spreadsheet edited by Oo. MS Word & Excel will run under Wine, so will very simple Access databases but it chokes on Access with visual basic coding in it.
    The latest Kword will also save in MSWord format but I haven't used it much so can't comment on how good the conversion is.

    (edit) Now I see this is an old post, got here following a link. Hope this helps somebody.

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