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Thread: Installing winex problems

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    Installing winex problems


    i recently downloaded winex3.2. transformed the RPM into a DEP file using alien. uninstalled wine using apt-get remove wine. and installed winex3.2 using dpkg -i winex_3-2-i386.dep. Everything went very smoothly and i even installed winesetuptk. ran winesetuptk and everything was great, however i noticed a few things.

    When installing the winex3 dep file, it says, "unable to grep /mnt/hda1/msdos.sys". hda1 is my winXP partition....i searched my mnt and didn't find msdos.sys anywhere.

    however, when i run the command "wine" via the shell, it says:
    "error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory"

    i tried to run winex, winex3, or anything...those both said basicly no such command...???

    I'm puzzeld.


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    msdos.sys is for ancient DOS system so unless you have MS DOS installed before, there won't be such file.

    don't know about the issue though, it is definitely some linux thing. one thing you may try is to see if there is similar named one in /usr/lib and symlink to it.

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    if thats the case, why doesn't winex if i install wine (with winex installed) it gives me a bunch of errors about loading dll's in a game, starcraft. Now, wine (not winex) was able to play this game w/no problems before winex....however i want to play frozen throne and do photoshop...

    so when i install winex, i can't find the winex binary i guess is what i'm saying. I've tried a whereis and locate, no avail...


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    i found the problem, as well as the fix:

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