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Thread: Something wrong with my init?

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    Something wrong with my init?

    I was just tinkering on some files in /etc/skel...

    My remaster was booting fine previously. I compared my runcontrol folders with a working CD and they're the same. BUT, knoppix-autoconfig is not running. I boot and it goes straight to runlevel 5, but without the autoconfig init script, nothing is configured and nothing works.

    Can I just

    cd /etc/rcS.d (in my chroot)
    ln -s ../init.d/knoppix-autoconfig S01knoppix-autoconfig

    to link knoppix-autoconfig to rcS.d runlevel? It's either that or rcS.d is being skipped over completely, which I doubt.

    I do have a S00knoppix-autoconfig in /etc/rcS.d and it points to itself?

    when I do a more on it, I see descriptions of what color text should be for different parts of the autoconfig script, but its not the auto-config script....

    Why do random unrelated things break everytime I remaster?? grrrr

    First it was kmenu and kicker but I fixed them, the it was cloop.o but I fixed that, then it was modules.conf and I fixed that, now its init.

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    Try install rcconf and active knoppix-autoconfig by chroot,are you edited knoppix-autoconfig?verify permissions..

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    re-linking it into rcS.d seems to have done the trick. Even though there's already another link in there, it's not pointing to the script.

    Probably has something to do with my rc.d's being crowded with junk, removing said junk, and replacing with a tarball of my previous rc.d's (prior to apt-get upgrade -t unstable).

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