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Thread: knoppix game cd?

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    knoppix game cd?

    is it possable to burn knoppix say to a cd or a dvd and also have the insalled game of choice on the cd also. so all you have to do to play the game is put in the cd/dvd boot up and it goes into the game and only the game?

    the reason im asking this is beacuse i think if you can bypass all that BS inwindows and what not that it would go faster. please correct me if im wrong.

    Thank You

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    The game would probably need a windows enviroment and the only way to do that is with wine which so far (atleast in my experience) isn't good with games.

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    Umm... Sort of been done

    In 2003 UT2003 Demo was done on a bootable cd, ran flawlessly, but only ran on Nvida, and certain sound cards, so it didn't have many drivers or scanning, but they did it.

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    Well, there's always the AdvanceCD for MAME. That has 3 free games on the CD, and plenty of room for you to add ROMs, screenshots, etc.

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