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Thread: Problem with Knoppix 3,4

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    Problem with Knoppix 3,4

    I've got Knoppix 3,4 CeBit Edition but I can't install in on my hard disk becouse when I write knoppix-installer i get "fatal error". Does somebody know how I can do it? Please help me...

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    Knoppix 3.4 CeBit is special edition and not meant to be hd install. It doesn't even have knoppix-installer on the cd. You will have to get the script from 3.3 or download it off the net.
    Here is more info:

    I find 3.4 CeBit still a little buggy... my network card did not work while it worked under 3.3.

    I'll just wait for the Official 3.4 to come out.

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