I've been having this problem all day, reinstalling Knoppix 3.3 6 times, trying 3.4 c't twice, and both times I've been hitting the same wall. Before I go on, here is my HD setup: /dev/hda is a Windows NTFS drive running a bootstrap loader from Maxtor so that my system can see the full 60GBs that the drive is, and /dev/hdb is an older 8.4GB used as my test linux drive.
Last month I tried installing knoppix and it went through fine, and lilo's boot menu showed up after my Maxtor bootstrap loader completed. I uninstalled lilo and reformatted the /dev/hdb drive from ext3 & linux-swap to just a FAT32 partition that I needed for file transfer. Today, I tried installing knoppix again, but for a more permanent purpose, and now when I boot, it shows the lilo boot screen, but when I select "Linux" from the menu, it says "Loading Linux." and freezes after 1 period. I tried to boot into Knoppix with the emergancy floppy, and removed lilo from the MBR on /dev/hda but then it fubared on me and wouldn't boot correctly (displayed "L" followed by a lot of " 99 "), so I had to use lilo to boot back into Windows. After several attempts, I was able to boot into knoppix with the status "Loading Linux.." (with a whopping 2 periods), but the freezing problem persisted.
Anyone have any idea how I can get lilo to load my knoppix install correctly? (I used both the knx-hdinstall script and knoppix-installer script and both did not work) It boots fine if I load it by doing a floppy boot, but from lilo it doesn't work.