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Thread: Knoppix Saves The Data!

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    Knoppix Saves The Data!

    A contractor in my office fried his company laptop Windoze XP boot sector. His company tech-support told him that to get any data off the disk he would have to Fed-ex the hard-drive or take in the laptop to the home office (several states away!).
    Knoppix got what we needed in about 30 minutes!
    I booted his Dell Latitude with Knoppix and a borrowed Sony USB CD-RW plugged in. It recognized all the hardware right off the bat (Thank-you Klaus!) I copied the data from NTFS to the Knoppix Ramdisk and burned a CD with everything he HAD to have using XCD-Roast.
    Knoppix is just Too Cool
    I am NEVER going anywhere without a Knoppix boot disk handy.

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    please tell me how to copy the data to the ramdisk

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    The knoppix file system is the ramdisk, so if you just do a copy from the mounted Windows filesystem to (for example) /home, you'll be copying to the ramdisk. That is why the separate CD burner would have been needed (as the boot cd would be unavailable).

    Brett Turcotte.

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    The laptop I was on when I did this had 512MB so I had a large ramdisk that I could use. I just copied from the windows partition to a new directory under Home.
    Does that help?

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