Synopsis: trying to setup a dual boot with 2 hard drives. 1 for windows, 1 for linux. linux partially installed with swap and linux partitions initialized: up until the mbr.

There were a pile of knoppix for kids cd in the schools computer lab. I was curious about linux, so I took one. At the same time I was playing around with Debian. I had a initialized swap and a ext2 linux partition, but Debian wasn't entirely installed. I wasn't sure about the last few parts of the installation, so i quit the installer. Hearing about how Knoppix doesn't touch the hardware on the system, I decided to put the Knoppix for Kids cd in to see what linux was like. The problem is that after everything autoconfigure, with all the colorful text detecting components, the screen went blank. With the screen just blank, there was not way to correct shutdown the computer. So I turned off the power switch in the back. The next time the computer booted up, the windows partition became noticeably slower. I could hear the hard drive clicking as it was searching for something. So I asked some friends, one of them heard of about knoppix for kids mounting partitions read-write instead of just read only or something? But he didn't have many more details. I think knoppix for kids mounted one or both of the partitions and didn't umount them. Searching google for similar problems yeilded nothing. I am hoping someone can help.