I personally like the Knoppix HD-installation procedure as it is.

However, for promotional purposes, I'd mod it as follows:

1) One concise and extremely well written HTML page

- callable from the application menu (NOT from the desktop)
and very clearly marked (eg "How to Install on Hard Disk" ?)

- explaining the +'s of EVENTUALLY having Linux on HD

- explaining the joys of "apt-get" and the repository system
(this would make many Winserfs salivate)

- describing portfolios of packages (a la tasksel),
eg development, locales, servers etc. and how "big" they are

- with a big button calling up....

2) ...the HD-install script, with a modest adaptation:

- option to do "full install" just as now

- option to call tasksel (with better-worded descriptions)
and locale selection.

The full install is great, but I find it contains entire categories
that are of little use to most Linux first-timers.

Also, the absence of any indication of contents makes the install
cryptical, forgoing its potential as an educational xperience.

I think users should have an option to see
(on a strict "want to know" basis!)
what they're getting.