Why dumb everything into a CD!!!

Is it possible to seperate knoppix to 3 or more CD?
As this will improve the usability & create more space for useful applications in a single CD.
I wish to introduce Knoppix to SMEs, but they might feel that it is too complicated bcos of so many things dumb into the menu.

Anybody agree?


Office Knoppix
-- do you think clerks, secretary play games, develop application during their free time in office?
-- what's the point of showing so many techie icons to those who are new to linux in the menu, it is irritating!

Entertainment Knoppix
-- purely games, emulators, internet, chat ...

Developer Knoppix
-- all the developer tools

Original Knoppix
-- Everything, keep all the things dumb in as usual, this is still useful for some category of users.