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Thread: error code pls help

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    error code pls help

    pls help
    am useing knoppix to try and diagnose a windows problem

    knoppix will try and boot till it get to the logo screen the monitor go blank and freezes

    am haveing similar probs with windows is a new mobo/cpu set up
    mobo is an ASUS a7v8x-x with a barton 2500xp cpu sys get to the OS choose screen in windows xp will noy boot to windows or the recovery console

    i got an error code from knoppix which i think was CRC error
    any comment/ help would be appreciated

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    Could be a video problem, have you tried any Cheatcodes?
    Especially things like: xserver=??? and xmodule=??? (substitute ??? with your video hardware).

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    thank you
    this ties up with other info i have since found that the bios shipped with board needs to be updated as it has issuse with some ATI graphics cards, amongst other things will try a differsnt card in new sys

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