Win XP [well, explorer I think] crashes after I installed knoppix on the hard disk
[actually this is for an online friend I helped install knoppix]
[Please consider that when I was helping my friend with this it was 11 PM and I was sleepy ]

He's got :

/dev/hda1 for winxp

1 for files, fat partition table
2 for swap
3 for knx root partition

the lilo boot loader wrote in the mbr on hdb.

when he started up the pc he got nothing and he had to use the floppy disk to go to linux.
Then I told him that for the list to show up he'd have to install lilo on the hda mbr ofcourse it didnt work

It only load winxp, no lilo list at startup

I didnt remember at the time that he could just change the BIOS to boot from the hdb.

I know we'll have to do that.
[Please correct me if I'm wrong, I don't want to do the wrong things thinking I am right!]

So anyway, to get the boot loader working thats what must be done.

After he got to WinXP he complains that when he tries to open "My Computer" or "My Documents", the desktop freezes, or the Start Menu freezes. He says it was working well before installing knoppix.

I told him there's no way that the Knoppix Instalation could have messed up WinXP.

Is it possible it this problem is related to anything I described happened here?

Thanks for any help you could give me and my friend.