i installed it to a hd, and got it all working but i was wondering some things...

when i did apt-get update and apt-get upgrade after it all finished i loged out and went into XP to do some stuff anyway when i went back it was all messed up as it keep retryin to load a usb device even tho i have none connect. then it froze and i had to hit the power button.

is it safe to run knoppix off hd without updateing? if not how can i update and be able to just relog back in like i didnt update... and when i installed it i used knoppix-installer, it had me set a pass for admin and a user, how can i get kdm to work at start up?

and after updateing and all is it safe to run knoppix 24/7 wut i mean is is it safe from hackers? i run my comp at least a month without restarting sometimes is it safe to do that with knoppix?

is there a firewall i can use?

lol ok thats all

EDIT: o forgot to say i allready formated the drive and gona reinstall sometime to night when im done playin some games lol