 WOW Original Apple Macintosh 1984 Sales Training - HUGE binder 128k M0001 For Sale

 WOW Original Apple Macintosh 1984 Sales Training - HUGE binder 128k M0001

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 WOW Original Apple Macintosh 1984 Sales Training - HUGE binder 128k M0001:

This is an incredible find! Something very rare that you can add to your already amazing Mac collection! There are two items in this lot, one large binder and a smaller sales booklet.
The last two pictures show Macintosh sales training booklet, measuring approximate 10\" by 7\" with over 70 pages. These were given out to help train sales staff about the new Macintosh computer. It\'s a very nice item with sketched pictures andvery detailedinformation. Each page even has a notes section on the bottom for sales staff to fill out.
The other pictures show the binder that is labeled as a \"Leader\'s Guide\" whichaccommodates seven modules and weighs in over 4 lbs. The modules go over all the aspects and sales methods to be used for the new Mac starting with abasic introduction as to what this new Macintosh is. I have never seen one of thesebefore, ever. This is by no means a copy of thesmaller booklet mentions above and its LOADED with hand written notes!Normally I am not a fan of notes, but there are many interesting notes that actually enhance the printed text. Youalmost feel like you are at the seminar yourself. Just imagine being there when this new \"thing\" called a Macintosh was coming out. What anexperienceto have lived through. One note even mentions Mr. Jobs! Given thesuccess of Apple at the time and they waytraining seminars where done, not like today where it is so web-based, I would not at all besurprised if this Leader Guide was used at Apple Headquarters during training seminars with Apple Resellers flown in.But with Apple\'ssuccess of theApple II, they may have hosted seminars in all major cities. At the time though, there were not many Apple resellers so flying them in is easily possible. I think this is a pretty interesting item to own! Certainly rare and Irealize it will only appeal to certain collectors. As always, if you want more photos please ask. But no, I willnot scan the entire binder :)
Fourth picture: Text of table of contents. As you can see, even this portion of the contents is pretty extensive.Fifth picture: Hand written note, \"Info from Jobs\". Text describes the Mac as we have heard before, the third standard.Sixth picture: Macintoshphilosophy text.Againmentioning the Lisa, which as we know are the underpinnings oftheMac at the time.Eighth picture: Two small stapled report guides, the staples have rustedleaving it on the papers and in the binder as seen.Tenthpicture: A selection of notes - notice the onementioning to hire a securityguard?
Both thebooklet and binder show some signs of wear and age/discoloration as expected from items dating back to 1984!Obviously there are notes and highlighting that can be found on either item. They appear to be complete but its possible pages are missing. The binder pages are, amazingly, not torn from the three-ring loops asoften happens.

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