NEW 12.5"-18.5" 2U Rail "Micro" Kit 4-Post Rackmount Universal server rails For Sale

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NEW 12.5"-18.5" 2U Rail "Micro" Kit 4-Post Rackmount Universal server rails:

Simply put: The Last 2U Rails you will need for your data center!12.5"-18.5" adjustable and a sturdy 1.25" galvanized steel shelf on all 4 corners.
These are a set(2 pieces left and 2 pieces right) of Generic+Universal 2U Rails from American Rails(US).They are called Version 3 "Tall" because for added strength, they extend nearly to the bottom of the above 2U position.
The 'Shelf Support' is 1.25" underneath and 6.5" front to back(Depth) on ALL 4 SIDES.That's 25 square inches of support for your servers!
Compatible withCompaq, SuperMicro, Dell, IBMand more(almost any server, really)!
BIG ADVANTAGES over ALL other rails:1.) Put these rails in ONCE with 2-3 mounting bolts on each corner(min 8) and you'll NEVER have to re-rail a cabinet again!2.) They are made to support a FULL CABINET(FULL 42U rack/cabinet density)!3.) These support the Front and Back of the server with a 1.25" footer(shelf).
Other "universal rails" have two fundamental flaws because they are designed with an offset from the 1U bottom(foot) which wastes nearly 1/2" vertical space. This means that by design you will NOT be able to get a cabinet FULL with 42U.
Other APC rails require skipping a slot! That means for every 2U APC installed, you waste 1U on spacing.Wasted space means wasted ventilation and floor space. Be Aware of diluting your investment!The American Rails(US) 2U rails are UNIVERSAL: No more dealing with side rail sets that require screwing into the case No more highly specific bearings that break No more difficult release pins to pull a server outStack one 2U server or two 1U servers in the same spot.
Made from 20GA Galvanized steel, they can support up to 90 lbs!Two locking nuts on each side can be tightened with Phillips head screwdriver and will never need to be reconfigured.No special tools involved for permanent setup.
They are automatically centered on a 12.5" depth.With your choice of 6(Six) Standard Rack bolt holes on each collar, there are many options for securing to cabinet.They can support cabinet depth(front to back) from 12.5" to 18.5".
The mounting holes fit most modern racks and can hold 1x2U server or 2x1U servers.
Easy to install with your existing cabinet nuts and mounting bolts.Also, no need to mount anything to the side of your server, just slide these into position and you are done!
Manufactured is Atlanta, GA!
Let us know if you have need of larger quantities!

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