16TB 3u Pogo Linux StorageWare series storage server SA318 SN 697897 For Sale

16TB 3u Pogo Linux StorageWare series storage server SA318 SN 697897

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16TB 3u Pogo Linux StorageWare series storage server SA318 SN 697897 :

Rack units 3u Pogo Linux StorageWare series storage server SA318 SN 697897 . Condition is Used. here is Original advertisement from Manufacturer dated August 11 2005, blocked External URL so I had to Malform it
businesswire dot com
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Slash so here's the scoop. Click Contact Seller, Contact me and I can call you and video chat with you if you want to see it in action.
This thing works. just too damn heavy and required Fiber Optic cable for internet connection so we got rid of it it's just old.I Broke it down by parts and added them to determine starting offer price of $416.34‭10.49 × 8 =‬ 83.92 (DDR 1GB RAM sticks - Motherboard supports 2GB DDR Sticks as well)
16 x 29.95 = 470.20 (16 1 TB HDD's 7200 RPM MODERN SATA)
83.92 + 13.91 + 13.91 + 65 + +470.20 =‬ $655.94 - total estimated value just from parts of Power supply Ram HDD, etc.8x 1GB DDR Ram @10.49 each on amazon 3.2GHz Intel Xeon CPU @13.91 each on amazon Search ZIPPY R3G-6650P HOT SWAP SERVER CHASSIS WITH 3 GIN-6350P 350W POWER SUPPLY -- $65 on $400 on 1TB Hitachi 7200 RPM @29.95 each on Newegg search FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 11, 2005--Pogo Linux, a Linux server and storage vendor based in Redmond, Wash., announced the immediate availability of two new products: StorageWare SA548 and StorageWare SA320. By using AMCC's 3Ware technology, these new products deliver the industry's highest density of storage per 1U space. The StorageWare SA548 offers 19 terabytes of storage in a 5U rackmount, while the SA320 offers over 6 terabytes of storage in a 3U space.

"We are excited about this new level of storage density, which our customers need desperately as storage needs proliferate," said Ed Holden, Senior Product Manager at Pogo Linux. "The StorageWare series benefit from the value of the SA548 and the LCD manageability of the SA320."

“The StorageWare series benefit from the value of the SA548 and the LCD manageability of the SA320.”

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The StorageWare SA548 raises the bar for storage density with a solution that provides more SATA storage per 1U than any other storage server available. The key to the enormous density advantage is vertically-mounted hard drives in a 5U chassis, which allows for an unprecedented collection of 48 drives in a single system. With a total raw storage space of over 19 terabytes, the SA548 is the densest SATA solution on the market. Utilizing four 12-port AMCC RAID cards, the SA548 provides a cost-effective storage server that still has high end features, such as battery backup and onboard write cache.

The follow up to the StorageWare SA318, the StorageWare SA320, adds the latest advances in RAID technology and management. With new features, such as online RAID expansion and RAID level migration made possible by AMCC RAID adapters, system administrators have even more flexibility when it comes to expanding or tuning their storage environment. Management has also been vastly improved on the SA320 with the addition of a front-mounted LCD screen. This feature gives users an in-depth look into the current status of the system with the mere push of a button.

The StorageWare SA548 starts at $28,999 and the StorageWare SA320 starts at $9,999. Both are available for demonstration at Pogo Linux's booth (#338) at LinuxWorld Expo in San Francisco this week.

About Pogo Linux Inc.

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Redmond, Washington, Pogo Linux is a provider of Linux-based servers, workstations and storage systems. With in-house technical expertise in both hardware configuration and the Linux operating system, Pogo Linux is dedicated to providing affordable, powerful and reliable systems which significantly reduce costs and maximize up-time. Our systems highlight the cost-effective benefits of Serial ATA storage, compact all-in-one system design, and quality hardware from the industry's top leaders.

Pogo Linux, Inc.
Actual Server model number could SA314, SA 316, or SA318.
I contacted POGO manufacturer DIRECTLY - here is transcript:

Chat started on 07 Jul 2020, 09:49 PM (GMT+0)


*** Visitor 67554394 joined the chat ***


Visitor 67554394: Hello, I'm looking for Pogo Linux Server w/ SN# 697897 equppied with SONY floppy disk drive MPF820 manufactured in SEP 2005


*** CJ.R joined the chat ***


Visitor 67554394: Hello CJ.R


Visitor 67554394: My name is Daniel


CJ.R: good afternoon Daniel, I am going to guess that a system that old will be hard to look up in my system, are you looking for more information on it?


Visitor 67554394: I'm looking for it's model # - all i have is the serial and all the photographs and i have the physical system on the floor next to me but it is not labeled except with POGO LINUX sticker and serial number


Visitor 67554394: I'm looking for the model # so i can find where to buy it via or something


Visitor 67554394: I will attach pictures


Visitor 67554394: perhaps you can search your paper records


Visitor 67554394: Glad you guys are still in business!


CJ.R: give me a moment, let me see what I can do


Visitor 67554394: It's modern enough that it uses SATA IDE drives and not ancient SCSI drives


Visitor 67554394: but it uses DDR 2700 RAM


Visitor 67554394: i hope that helps to narrow your search results


CJ.R: So, speaking with my co-workers, we may have a small chance that we may have an old database, but it may take a day or two to look up, but given this is a 15 year old system looking for one online is going to be quite difficult, are you looking for some specific replacement parts?


Visitor 67554394: Visitor uploaded: 20200707_141635.jpg URL: URL DELETED PER REQUESTType: image/jpeg Size: 2887428


Visitor 67554394: Visitor uploaded: 20200707_143655.jpg URL:

URL DELETED PER REQUESTType: image/jpeg Size: 3827951


Visitor 67554394: I have just uploaded pictures of what it looks like with the specific motherboard tag


Visitor 67554394: I hope that will expedite the process


Visitor 67554394: i don't see it on your website anywhere: POGOLINUX


Visitor 67554394: thank you for your time


Visitor 67554394: and help


Visitor 67554394: and consideration


Visitor 67554394: hello?


Visitor 67554394: are you still there?


Visitor 67554394: thank you sir


CJ.R: I am, looking into getting more info


Visitor 67554394: thank you.


CJ.R: Being that this system is quite outdated at this point, I honestly think trying to find a replacement power supply is going to be very difficult if even possible. I can have my co-workers look through our old offline data bases and try to get back to you with more info in a day or two


CJ.R: I am not sure if we can get the info, but I can definitely try


CJ.R: do you have a good email or phone number that I can contact you on if I am able to get more information


Visitor 67554394: im reading


Visitor 67554394: yes please contact me at ___________it's possible i will get hit by my company's spam filter. Please can you send a blank test email ASAP? Thank you so much for everything so far!


CJ.R: The best option for you, would be looking at the part number on a dead power supply and try to look it up on , I guess our database will not have part numbers on it


Visitor 67554394: well, what if i needed a motherboard replacement instead?


Visitor 67554394: I'm looking for the model # so i can find where to buy it via or something


CJ.R: will still be the only real option, all of these components are probably 10+ years out of manufacture end life


Visitor 67554394: it's your product, and while i understand that it's Ancient, at one point, your company invested many thousands of Dollars into R&D on this product. I refuse to believe that all of that effort just went up in smoke.


Visitor 67554394: please send me a test email so that i can whitelist you and expect contact when you find something


Visitor 67554394: i'd be happy to search for it on but i need the server model # and all it has is the Serial number


Visitor 67554394: so i contacted Pogo linux to request that information, because that's the logical source


Visitor 67554394: i tried google search by image


Visitor 67554394: i tried reddit


Visitor 67554394: i tried 5 search engines


Visitor 67554394: I'm out of options.


Visitor 67554394: or rather, i feel as if i am


Visitor 67554394: thank you gain for your help


CJ.R: can you get a photo of the top of the power supply?


Visitor 67554394: one minute, ill look


Visitor 67554394: it's got 3 powersupplies


Visitor 67554394: label and barcode says


Visitor 67554394: 20060117P603413 26A-610173


Visitor 67554394: Model of PS is R3G-6650P


Visitor 67554394: $400 USD on


Visitor 67554394: for that price, i would like to know the model of the server xD


CJ.R: I found one on here


CJ.R: Unfortunately I am unable to get the exact model of this system currently as it would only be accessible in our old database which was retired in 2007. Based on this serial, I expect that this system was probably shipped around the 2004 timeframe. The model is probably a Pogo Linux StorageWare series, SA316 most likely.


Visitor 67554394: i just sent that seller the questions and photos


CJ.R: We have not used the vendor of that chassis in many years, which is why I unfortunately do not have a lot more information to go on. Usually our systems see a usable service life of 3 to 5 years, which is why this information is not readily available.


Visitor 67554394: thank you that helps a lot! would you kindly please provide a URL or PDF for the SA316 manual


CJ.R: We no longer have that available. My apologies.


Visitor 67554394: thank you for trying. Please make sure to delete my info from your system


Visitor 67554394: the SA316 is close, but not quite correct: sm dot pcmag dot com


Visitor 67554394: as you can see, the photo's don'tquite match up


Visitor 67554394: but it is close enough


Visitor 67554394: thank you


CJ.R: It may be a S316 or S314 or S318.


Visitor 67554394: thanks!


CJ.R: No problem. Anything else I can assist with?


Visitor 67554394: businesswire dot com


Visitor 67554394: thank you, case closed. that link has detailsabout the models =) circa 2005


CJ.R: No problem. Have a good day.


*** CJ.R left the chat ***


*** Visitor 67554394 left the chat ***

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