1982 S-100 Altair Era 3X 5.25" Floppy Disk Drive Enclosure Fits3X Shugart SA400 For Sale

1982 S-100 Altair Era 3X 5.25
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1982 S-100 Altair Era 3X 5.25" Floppy Disk Drive Enclosure Fits3X Shugart SA400:

NO DISK DRIVES ARE INCLUDED.There is only one (1) of these in stock as I start this. And I've neverseen anything like it. It's very similar in function to some enclosuresI've seen made by Percom Data Co. in Texas, and like some with myCompuPro S-100 gear, but the quality is so much higher. It's not cheapsteel, it's ALL aluminum, top, bottom, and inside pieces, with theplastic face bezel (that I have unscrewed and carefully bubblewrappedinside the metal so it won't take any pressure and crack in shipping,as it is 41 years old and may be brittle).This is a very, very beautiful and high quality unit.This does not have a cheap switching power supply, it has anall-discrete analog linear power supply built into the rear panel(geez, I wish some of my audio gear had power this quiet). The datecodes on the regulators/power transistors are early 1982, so this wasmanufactured in 1982. I don't know the rating, but the old FairchildUA7805ASC and UA78H12ASC TO-3 can style voltage regulators are 5 Ampparts, and there are four, for two voltages, so it could be 5A or 10Aor two parallel 5A sets of +5v and +12v.As I always do, I set this up and tested it for you. If I have toguess, I'd say this was made for two drives plus some sort of controlpanel of the same size, and a company modified it with a new mountingbase to perfectly hold three drives there. As such, it seems to have two disk drive power connectors, and one ofthem has a Y adapter so it will power three drives. One of them testsgood on +5v and +12v, the other one has only +5v, but I really don'tunderstand how it's wired back there. But anyway, I tested it and ithas valid +5v and +12v in there, and you can easily wire both to thesame tabs of the solder-type terminal strip in the back. This is mega, it has two huge transformers, lots of capacitance, agiant filtered AC input, a 115v-230v selector that appears not towired, and more, I've never seen anything like this. The big slot inthe back is empty, was probably for an S-100 bus controller card, andthe fan hole doesn't have a fan mounted in it. It has beautiful screw-on rubber feet, not the adhesive crap that getsgooey, falls off, and leaves black goo skidmarks all over.It can fit three Shugart SA400 full height 5.25" drives, or similarsized drives. I included one photo showing this earlier this week as I was doing someof my massive floppy drive testing work here, showing three drivesmounted in it but...NO DISK DRIVES ARE is 13 pounds very lightly packed in heavy moving to sell certain things I now know I won't need for mycontinuing business and while looking for them in the new warehousespace opened 2/2021, I have found loads of items I should sell that Iforgot I had, like this. Good move on my part, these are valuable nowand mine are the best on , absolutely sealed airtight in paddedflight cases for decades, relatively cool and completely dry, no mold,mildew, or even oxidation on these. No soggy soft see my other listings for the others that I have listed or willbe listing as soon as is still in near mint condition internally and externally, justlook at the photos, very clean, checked today. included:the item listed in the titleWhat's not included:Anything else. will be safely packed and boxed for shipping. It is well too bigto fit in a flat rate box.A local pickup would be nice...Free local pickup in the Los Feliz district of L.A. is okay if you canwork around my busy schedule.

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