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Beautiful collector-quality 1984 original Apple Macintosh1st Original Model M0001 Mac 128K fully tested and working set! Complete withoriginal Macintosh keyboard and mouse, plus the rare original early 1984Macintosh Picasso white plastic accessory kit box with genuine original 1984Apple Macintosh software disks, 1984 Macintosh Owner's Guide, and more! Rare NON-upgraded genuine original 128K RAM original motherboard, hard to find now as many were upgraded to 512K or beyond.

This original Macintosh 128K is fully functional, clean anddetailed all around, ready for prominent display and use by the new owner, itneeds absolutely nothing! Smoke-free climate-controlled use and storage so nosmoke or old musty odors absorbed into any of the included items which greatlydetract from condition and value, but of course cannot be noticed in onlinephotos, so make sure you know before you invest.

January 2022 will mark the 38th Anniversary of the launch ofthis original Macintosh M0001 128K model! The original Mac was introduced withthe famous Orwellian'1984' commercial during the Super Bowl on January 22,1984 and was the very first reasonably affordable personal computer to use amouse and a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with desktop icons. This Macintoshwas produced during week 25 of 1984 as decoded from the serial # label on theMac that begins with F425 (F= Fremont, CA production plant, 4= 1984, 25= 25thweek of year) indicating this Mac was produced mid-June 1984, theMacintosh was first introduced and launched in late January 1984. Original 'Macintosh' emblem and Model M0001 label on rear (very late 1984 production M0001 Macs had a revised 'Macintosh 128k'emblem starting during week 47 of production, all Macs before then had thisoriginal "Macintosh" emblem).Steve Jobs and the original Macintosh team signatures aremolded inside the rear case housing.

Macintosh system unit - (Model M0001)- RARE ORIGINAL 128K RAM Macintosh motherboard! Not upgraded nor modified! Mac is the original beige/cream color, notall darkly yellowed, discolored, mismatched, marked up, cracked, or damagedlike many are now. No marker writing, no stickers or old sticker outlines, nocracks or missing parts, no engravings, only minor imperfections as expected for a 37+ year old pre-owned computer, very hard tofind now in this nice clean cosmetic condition. NO ugly pry marks to any of thecase seams of the Mac as this unit was never pried apart improperly with thewrong tools like many were, which greatly detracts from appearance and value asmany have large nicks and chips at the seams, but often is not shown or cannotbe seen in photos. Many of these early Macs were pried apart at the case seams leaving ugly gouges and marks on the case, but this one was not.

Screen is bright, crisp, and stable with no burned-in image,or scratches on the glass. No corrosion to rear clock battery compartment,unlike many that have damage from an old battery that leaked out.

All four original rubber feet on bottom of case and clean.Inside of Mac case is exceptionally clean, no corrosion, no dirt or dust,properly stored.

Original Sony 400K Single-Sided Internal Disk Drive - Disk insertand eject mechanism freshly cleaned and re-lubed so disks go in and out smoothly likenew again! Drive read/write head cleaned and tested.

Included original Macintosh disks load, run, and eject as expected. OriginalMacs are completely dependent on the floppy drive, as there is no hard drive,so having a properly serviced and tested floppy disk drive like this Mac isessential for actual use.

Original 1984 Apple Macintosh keyboard - (Model #M0110) Includes original curled flexible keyboard cable with undamaged prongclip connectors on each end (clips not broken off like many are that willnot firmly connect), coil cable nice and tight not all stretched out likeheavily used worn ones. All four original rubber feet still on bottom,clean excellent condition.All keys are clean and functional, no dust or dirt betweenkey, every key tested to register working on the Mac display.

Original 1984Apple Macintosh one-button mouse - (Model # M0100) Original early square stylemouse connector with screws to attach securely to the Mac. Clean,cable undamaged, rolls smoothly, and working perfectly. This is a matching originalset as it came from Apple 1984.

Original Picasso Mac Accessory Kit - Rareoriginal Mac plastic Picasso Accessory Kit box. Nice original white color, notall heavily yellowed and discolored like many seen noware.NO cracks to the corners of the lid, unlike most that havesplits, chips and cracks to the plastic. Apple logos are embossed into insidetray.Original Apple Macintosh power cord! Has the Apple logo on the plug end and the end that inserts into the Mac angles down towards the desk. Also includes four bonus unused vintage AppleRainbow logo cling decals as shown!

Genuine Original Apple 400K Mac disks - 1984Macintosh System disk, A Guided Tour of Macintosh disk, A Guided Tour of MacWrite and MacPaint disk, and MacPaint softwaredisk!

Disks all fully tested and working on this Mac with the recentlyserviced internal disk drive! Original disk labels are in very good conditionfor the age. Increasingly hard to find genuine original Apple Macintosh disks like thesefrom 1984 in working condition and with the original contents!

Macintosh Owner's Guide- 160+ pages.No writing on cover or on any of the interior pages. Very nice and clean withall pages and both covers securely attached. Nice clean cover withPicasso-style original Mac graphics, some minor shelf wear to cover.

This original working1984 Macintosh Model M0001 set will be the highlight of your Apple computercollection for many years to come! A great gift for the Apple or vintage computer collector!

From smoke free dry storage, so no smoke or old musty odors. All photos of exact items buyer will receive, nothing else is included.
Will be DOUBLE boxed with inner box surrounded on all sides by new packing peanuts all in a new large outer shipping box to protect! I have sold and shipped hundreds of original Macs to satisfied buyers all around the word over the past 20 years!
FedEx Home Delivery in the USA, fully insured with tracking. Shipped out promptly upon confirmed payment. International buyers contact me to see if shipping is available to your location and for cost estimate.

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