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Rare, beautiful collector-quality 1984 original first Apple Macintosh 128K Model M0001 complete and working boxed set! Non-upgradedORIGINAL 128K RAM Macintosh motherboard and original 400K internal disk drive! Complete in the original matchingserial # Apple Macintosh retail box!Macintosh is recently tested, diskdrive serviced, all components clean and detailed all around, and everythingworking! This original Macintosh 128K complete set is in exceptionally nice cosmetic conditionready for the new owner to proudly display and use upon receipt!

Acquired from the original owner who lightly used when new and then kept it all stored in the original box, exceptionally complete and nice, very rare and hard to find now in this condition!Complete in matching # original box non-upgraded first Macintosh Model M0001 setsin this nice working condition are very special and hard to find now nearly 38 yearslater! A true centerpiece for any Apple or vintage computer collection! All photosare of the exact items the buyer will receive.

Smoke-free climate-controlled use and storage, no smokeor old musty odors absorbed into the cardboard box or manuals or any of theother included items which cannot be removed and greatly detract fromcondition and value, but of course cannotbe identified from online photos, somake sure you know before you invest.

January 2022 will mark the 38th Anniversary of thelaunch of this original Macintosh M0001 128K model! The Mac was firstintroduced with the famous Orwellian "1984" commercial during SuperBowl XVIII on January 22, 1984, and was the very first reasonably affordablepersonal/home computer to use a mouse and a Graphical User Interface (GUI) withdesktop icons.

Macintosh system unit- (Model M0001)- Week 44 of 1984 production as decoded from the serial # starting with F444 whichdecodes as: F= Fremont, CA plant, 4= 1984, 44 = 44th week of year. Serial# matches the serial # label on the box, and on the original label on the bottom foam inside the box also! Rare NON-upgraded unit still has the original unmodified Macintosh 128K RAM motherboard just as it came from Apple in 1984! Board is clean and nice, original Apple ROM set and 128K RAM chips with Apple logo! Many original Macswere upgraded to 512K or beyond as upgrades became available, with either modifications to the original 128K board or with a new motherboard, this Mac is still all original!

Mac is the original beige/cream color, not all darkly yellowed, discolored, mismatched, marked up, cracked, or damaged like many seen now are. No marker writing, no stickers or old sticker outlines, no cracks or missing parts, no engravings, only minor imperfections as expected for a 37+ year old pre-owned computer, very hard to find now in this nice clean cosmetic condition.All four original rubber feet still onbottom and clean. Screendisplay is bright, crisp, and stable with no burn-in or scratches on theglass. Steve Jobs and the original Macintosh design teams moldedsignatures inside the rear case housing.

Sony 400K Single-Sided Internal Disk Drive- Disk insert and eject mechanism fully cleaned and re-lubed sodisks go in and out smoothly. Drive head cleaned so disks read properly.Original Macs are totally dependent on the floppy drive as there is nohard drive, so a properly serviced and tested disk drive is essential fororiginal intended use given the age.

Original 1984 Apple Macintosh keyboard- (Model # M0110) w/originalcoiled keyboard cable. Week 37 of 1984 production as decoded from theserial # starting with G437 (4=1984, 37 = week 37). Original Picassocardboard sleeve and nice clean white foam holders with embossed Apple logo, sleeveedges not torn or damaged from where they insert into the Styrofoam holdersin the main box. Original keyboard cable is clean and tightly coiled, not all stretched outlike heavily used ones, prong ends not broken so stay firmly in place.All keys are clean and functional, every key tested working to registerwith this Macintosh!

Original 1984 Apple Macintosh one-button mouse- (Model # M0100)Original square style plug connector. Week 33 of 1984production as decoded from the serial # starting with G433 (4=1984, 33 =week 33). Original Picasso cardboard sleeve and nice clean white foam holders withembossed Apple logo, top foam half is cracked in the middle but complete. Sleeve edges not torn where they insert into the Styrofoam holders in the mainbox. Mouse rolls smoothly and works perfectly with the Mac.

1984 Macintosh Picasso Accessory Kit- Rare original Mac white plastic Picasso Accessory Kit box.Nice clean white color, not yellowed, corners not cracked or broken. ALL of the included original disks were just tested and working on this Macintosh! Everything listed on the original packing list is included, and more! Includes all of thefollowing:

  • 1984 Macintosh Owner's Guide, no writing or markings inside, spotting on cover
  • 1984 Macintosh MacWrite and MacPaint manuals, no writing or marking inside, some cover spotting
  • 1984 A Guided Tour of Macintosh disk
  • 1984 Apple Macintosh System disk
  • 1984 Macintosh System and MacWrite and MacPaint Back-up disk
  • 1984 MacWrite and MacPaint software disks
  • 1984 A Guided Tour of MacWrite and MacPaint Disk
  • Original set of 2 blank 400K disks and unused Apple labels
  • A Guided Tour of Macintosh and MacWrite and MacPaint audio cassette
  • Original power cord sleeve, and the original Apple angled-head Macintosh power cord!
  • Original Programmer's Switch
  • Original Picasso fold-out packing list and set-up brochure showing the original contents
  • Original SEALED set of four Apple rainbow logo decals (2 large, 2 small)

Apple Macintosh Original Retail Box- Original serial # label on the box matches the serial # label on theMacintosh! Date code stamped inside under the bottom box flap is "10-84"indicating the box was made by the box manufacturer in October of 1984, which coincides with when this Mac was produced in week 44 (last week of October/first week of November 1984) and shipped to the Apple dealer shown on the label on the side of the box.

Box includes both the original top and bottom internal white Styrofoamthat holds the Mac, in clean white undamaged condition, not cracked or broken. Bottom tray has original 128K label on the side with matching serial # to this Mac and box!

Includes the original clear plastic protective cover that the Macintosh came covered in from the factory! Typically,these would be discarded when new or lost over time. This one has all the original packaging and all the contents shown on the included original packing list brochure!

Box is in fantastic condition considering the age of nearly 38 years and it is theoriginal box this Mac was shipped in from Apple. Some discoloration and scuffes, marks, etc. as expected, overall very nice clean and solid! Original shipping label from Apple in California to an ITT dealer also in California, still on the side of the box. No other markings or writing on the box, very clean and nice. All box flaps are fully attached, original tape on bottom. Both side carry handles are NOT torn through or damaged, which is very typical with these boxes given the weight of thecontents. Box is not re-taped over with ugly brown shipping orduct tape like many will have, no writing, no added labels or anything except the original serial # and shipping labels from Apple! Most of these 1984 Macintosh boxes arelong gone now, or in much worse condition than this one considering it the boxthe Mac originally shipped in and has remained with this Mac for over 37 years now! Ready for prominent display in your Apple or vintage computer collection!

Increasingly rare to find an original production MacintoshM0001 128K NON-upgraded set complete in the original matching # Macintosh retail box! Use BuyIt Now or make a quality best offer, lowball offers are automatically declined.

Shipping via FedEx in US includes full insurance andonline tracking number, Direct Signature from buyer required at delivery due tovalue. Original Apple Macintosh box will be packaged and protected insidea large sturdy outer large NEW plain shipping box for full protection of theoriginal Apple box, with large FRAGILE stickers all around. Immediate payment due at purchase, do not make offer unless you havefunds and can pay in full at time of offer.

International buyers contact me to see if shipping is available to your location and for a cost estimate.

This boxed Macintosh is heavy and large and will be very well packaged inside a new large outer shipping box to protect the original Apple box.I have sold and shipped hundreds of original Macs to satisfied buyers all around the world here on over the past 20 years!

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