1984 Macintosh 128K MacWrite MacPaint BOX Set RARE 1st Apple Mac M0001 Software For Sale

1984 Macintosh 128K MacWrite MacPaint BOX Set RARE 1st Apple Mac M0001 Software

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1984 Macintosh 128K MacWrite MacPaint BOX Set RARE 1st Apple Mac M0001 Software:

RARE complete and tested early 1984 Original MacWrite and MacPaint Boxed Set with original disks andmanuals, and Guided Touraudio cassette,for the first Macintosh 128K M0001! This is the veryfirst ever software package for the original Macintosh computer offered by Apple! Releasedin January 1984 atthe same time the Mac was introduced. Very nice and collectible early Mac software set in the original Apple retail box, 37+years old and only will get harder to find. Complete your original Macintosh collection with this early original Apple retail boxed set of original Apple Mac software.
This rare boxed set was only available in the first half of 1984 when the Mac 128K was first introduced. Later in 1984, Apple stopped boxing this set separately and the MacWrite and MacPaint disks then just came along with the Macintosh in the system starter kit, not as a seperate boxed set like this.Includes the original box, with original white plastic tray for disks and cassette with Apple embossed logos on nice white tray, MacWrite and MacPaint disks, A Guided Tour of Write and Paint disk, and A Guided Tour audio cassette. Spiral-bound MacWrite manual, and original MacPaint manual. Both manuals are complete and unmarked inside, clean condition, cover wear and some separation from binding on rear cover of MacWrite manual. Box has torn corner, some dents and marks, and some crushing and indenting to the top lid cover. Complete your Macintosh 128K M0001 collection with this rare complete 1984 original software set by Apple for the 1st Mac!From smoke-free environment. Disks tested and boot right up at time of listing on a properly maintained and fully functioning Macintosh 128K, no returns on vintage software as it shown tested and working in the listing and can not guarantee it will work on a buyer's specific hardware. Sold for collectible and display purposes. All photos are of the exact items buyer will receive. This is a highly collectible genuine Apple early 1984 software set for the original M0001 128K Mac!Please visit my store80's Macs and Gamesfor many more early Apple and Mac collectibles.

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