320k Memory Upgrade For the Atari 600XL and Atari 800XL For Sale

320k Memory Upgrade For the Atari 600XL and Atari 800XL

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320k Memory Upgrade For the Atari 600XL and Atari 800XL:

The 320k RAM memory upgrade plugs into the Parallel Bus port in the back of either an Atari 600XL or an Atari 800XL. This module allows you to upgrade your Atari to 320k of RAM in under a minute.
With this upgrade, many programs that can be ran on the Atari 130XE will now run on your Atari XL computer. This upgrade will also provide enough memory for many newer programs, games, and SpartaDOS X.
An Atari 600XL will provide power from the Parallel Bus port and no external power is required for the Atari 600XL.
An Atari 800XL usually requires power to this board as most Atari 800XL's do not supply power to the Parallel Bus. For that purpose, a USB-C connector is supplied. It is highly recommended that if you are in any way unsure whether internal power is supplied that you install this module with internal power first. If your Atari does not boot up properly, there will be no damage and this will show that you need external power. There is a jumper on the back of this board to select internal or external power. Moving the jumper to external power will configure this module so that power can be supplied via the USB-C connector. The external power setting also allows the option for providing +5VDC by soldering power wires to the left side of the board. (i.e. If you would like to make a plug to provide power from the joystick port.)

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