64MB Kit (4x16MB) 30-pin Non-Parity SIMMs for Apple Mac SE/30, IIci, Quadra, PC For Sale

64MB Kit (4x16MB) 30-pin Non-Parity SIMMs for Apple Mac SE/30, IIci, Quadra, PC
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64MB Kit (4x16MB) 30-pin Non-Parity SIMMs for Apple Mac SE/30, IIci, Quadra, PC:

Introducing our 16MB 30-pin SIMMs, specifically designed for vintage PCs, Apple systems, some synthesizers, and other vintage devices. Each module is hand-assembled with care and individually tested. This is a kit of 4 modules, making a total of 64MB.
Please confirm that your system requires 30-pin (NOT 72-pin) SIMMs and can support 16mb modules. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about compatibility.
Our modules have been reported to work well in the following systems:
  • Mac SE/30
  • Quadra 950
  • Radius Rocket
  • Tyan S1437 (486 PC)
  • IIci (only models without parity chip)
Most 386 and 486 PC motherboards aren't compatible with 16MB modules and may misread the memory or fail to work. However, trying them poses no risk of damage. Few PC systems were designed for 16MB 30-pin SIMMs, while many 68K CPU-based systems seem to support these modules.
We enthusiastically welcome offers! You'll find our pricing especially flexible for larger quantity orders.
We are always keen to learn about the systems where our modules are being used, whether it's a system we've listed or something new. Your response is invaluable in helping us continually expand and refine our knowledge. We look forward to hearing from you, as it helps us to better serve our community of vintage system enthusiasts.
We strive to maintain a flexible return policy, acknowledging that each situation is unique. If you experience issues, we kindly ask you to reach out to us first, especially before attempting any repairs or modifications. Please be aware that tampering, parts swapping, or any fraudulent activities are strictly unacceptable and will be reported.

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