70's Retro Vintage Power Tap Power Strip 6 Outlets Looks And Works Great For Sale

70's Retro Vintage Power Tap Power Strip 6 Outlets Looks And Works Great

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70's Retro Vintage Power Tap Power Strip 6 Outlets Looks And Works Great:

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    Welcome collectors, vintage treasure hunters and happy home shoppers alike. Here's a cool item that may excite Tap Power Strip (Not a Surge Protector) with fuse. Works great at the time of this listing. I recommend this power strip to go with industrial or vintage themed offices or rooms. I would not connect computers or similar devices to it simply because those types of sensitive electronics need a surge protector. Here's the difference between a power tap power strip and a surge protector:

    Power Tap

    The power tap, also known as the power strip, generally has an on/off switch, several outlets, a circuit breaker and a bendable cord. Inexpensive devices such as coffee makers and toasters are ideal for power tap use. Power taps are reasonably priced since many households and offices tend to have several basic appliances. Of note, power taps are not extension cords. Extension cords are for temporary use only and have a different standard from Underwriter Laboratories (UL), the evaluator of power taps and surge protectors. Surge protectors meet UL 1449 while power strips meet UL 1283 standards.

    Surge Protector

    Surge protectors, also known as surge suppressors, are for more expensive major electronics such as computers, televisions and home entertainment systems. These protectors have added electrical filtering mechanisms. The surge protector will list the electric rating in Joules of energy and the maximum voltage it can withstand in the event of a voltage spike. This list may be printed on the surge protector's packaging and sometimes on the protector as Office Or Home Uses


    People who like vintage/retro electrical equipment.


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