A8picoCart Atari 130 / 65 XE 800 / 1200 XL XEGS multicart UnoCart clone game For Sale

A8picoCart Atari 130 / 65 XE 800 / 1200 XL XEGS multicart UnoCart clone game
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A8picoCart Atari 130 / 65 XE 800 / 1200 XL XEGS multicart UnoCart clone game:

The A8PicoCart is a multi-cart for the Atari 8-bit (XL/XE/XEGS). When plugged into a PC by USB it becomes a Mass Storage device allowing ROM/CAR/XEX & ATR files to be copied to the cartridge. When plugged into an Atari these files are shown on the menu and the device will either emulate the selected cartridge type or act as a XEX file launcher.

With its ability to store and run multiple games and applications, this cart is a must-have for any Atari enthusiast. Featuring 16MB of ram, you will have plenty of space to store your favorite games and software. Most of my carts have 300+ programs on them.

Compare to AtariMax cart, they have very limited storage 20-70 programs and only supports ROMs. This cart supports ROM, CAR, XEX and some ATR support. See the a8picoCart github page for more details.

*** Many games and utilities pre-loaded! ***

I am using the latest version of the printed circuit board and 3D Printing the cases in a variety of colors.

UPDATE *** New Case design ***

Added internal supports to strengthen screw standoffs, reset button enhancement and a boot sel button on back allowing for firmware updates without disassembly! All design and lettering printed in - no painting. The case designs are constantly changing - see images for variations - if you have a preference please message me after purchase.

Over 100 in inventory!

Donations have been made to Robin Edwards for all carts I am selling.

I use these devices regularly and have been very impressed with them!

*** 400 / 800 support update***

I have tested 400 and heard 800 work with 8/16k ROMs with pressing Atari reset button after selecting game. Possibly larger ROMs If upgraded to 32/48k.


Design, hardware and firmware by Robin Edwards (electrotrains at atariage)

XEX loader and OS modifications by Jonathan Halliday (flashjazzcat at atariage)

Altirra LLE OS used with permision from Avery Lee (phaeron at atariage)

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