Altair 8800c Computer - Working For Sale

Altair 8800c Computer - Working

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Altair 8800c Computer - Working:

This is ***** NOT ***** an original Altair computer, although it has a couple original, vintage Altair boards in it.Here\'s an Altair 8800c, built from a combination of vintage Altair boards and modern parts. It\'s in fantastic condition. Not only is its appearance nearly flawless, it\'s in perfect operating condition, too. All LEDs and switches are fully functional and it runs all Altair software plus versions of CP/M written for the original Altair. It can use 5.25\" 1.2MB floppy drives or 8\" hard- or soft-sectored drives.
No disk drives, keyboards or terminals/monitors are included with this sale.It has 64K RAM, five serial ports, one Centronics printer port, one cassette port, and one floppy port capable of running two floppy drives!Here\'s a list of what\'s included:

1 Altair Clonecase
1 MeanWellHRP-75-7.5 power supply
2 MeanWellRS-15-15 power supplies
1 2-board FrontPanel board set
1 Repro 8080a CPUboard (with Phi clocks tested)
1 New Altair FDC+Floppy Disk controller with 64K RAM, ALTMON monitor in ROM. This board can use either 5.25\" or 8\" floppy drives
2 New 88-2SIOJPserial port boards
1 Original, not repro, 88-UIO board with cassette interface, one serial port
1 Original, notrepro, 88-C700 Centronics printer interface board with homemade printer cable
1 Repro, 88-VI (RTC) real time clock, vectored interrupt board
1 9-slot ToddGoodman motherboard with nine S-100 connectors, no termination or status LEDs

If you\'ve been trying to buy an original Altair in excellent condition, you know how expensive they\'ve gotten.
You can have this 100% lookalike and workalike for much less than a vintage Altair. These 8800c units are rarely seen for sale.

Included is one copy of an Altair Disk Extended BASIC floppy disk. When you order, please let me know if you\'d like a 5.25\" or an 8\" boot disk for it.Dimensions are 16.5\" W x 7\" H x 17.2\" D

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