Amiga 1200 Keyboard - BRAND NEW / NOS For Sale

Amiga 1200 Keyboard - BRAND NEW / NOS

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Amiga 1200 Keyboard - BRAND NEW / NOS:

Amiga 1200 Keyboard - BRAND NEW / NOS.

This is a BRAND NEW never used Amiga 1200 keyboard! Look at how creamy white those keys look! This is the BEST way to freshen up your A1200, or finish off your build with your new case.

I bought a couple of these when they were being cleared out because I was obsessed with Amiga. Never got around to using them, so someone else needs to enjoy them! Forget about waiting for replacement key caps that will never deliver - I’ve been on that hamster wheel for years and nothing ever shows up. Just replace the whole keyboard with a beautiful new one, have OEM keycard, and enjoy!

Check the pictures - there is a tiny bit of surface corrosion on the bottom edge, but you could easily remove this with a very light sanding or maybe even just some cleaner.

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