Amiga 1200 computer ram expander For Sale

Amiga 1200 computer ram expander

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Amiga 1200 computer ram expander:

Amiga 1200 computer ram expander.


For Amiga 1200. The A1208 expansion provides up to 8MB of Fast RAM to your Amiga 1200. Includes RTC on board (available as option from Amigastore), and one port for future expansions. Thanks to the fast memory access, you will get a 230% speed boost over an unexpanded A1200. The A1208 8MB Expansion lets you run the Amiga software that requires Fast memory, making it a great choice to play WHDLoad games. An external switcher and back plate adapter are also available as option.

I used this for a day, then went nuts and bought an old GVP A1200 turbo+ ‘030 board.

There is no FPU socket -Lon mine- thanks to eagle eyed buyer asking that question! But you can buy an RTC clock from their store online.

Don’t have that A1200 anymore so don’t need this either!

As is (should work fine!)- and it can be yours with no wait to ship from Spain…selling there for €69.90 !!

Happy offerding!

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