Amiga 4000 Elbox Mediator 4000Di 3V MK-III PCI Bus With Compatible PCI Cards For Sale

Amiga 4000 Elbox Mediator 4000Di 3V MK-III PCI Bus With Compatible PCI Cards
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Amiga 4000 Elbox Mediator 4000Di 3V MK-III PCI Bus With Compatible PCI Cards:

This listing is for a used like new Elbox Mediator 4000Di V3 MK-III PCI for the Amiga 4000 Desktop.  Listing also includes several compatible PCI cards.

The Mediator PCI allows you to connect various PCI devices to the Amiga 4000, expanding the Amiga with all kinds of industry-standard hardware products like graphic, sound, network, USB, TV tuner, ISDN and MPEG-2 hardware decoder PCI cards.

The elbox website has very good product information, a list of compatible devices, the latest pci.library, warp os and important software drivers.

Elbox Products

Visit for the latest products for 68k/ColdFire/PowerPC Amiga computers.

This Mediator is in excellent working condition, and features a power rail that supports both 5v and 3.3v pci cards, accepting a greater number of pci cards.

Included compatible working and tested PCI cards:

Elbox Spider II USB 2.0 card

EasyNet 100Mbs Network card

SoundBlaster CT4750 Sound card

WinFast TV 2000 XP Tuner card

Radeon 9200 256MB Video card

RAM from the video card can be made available as fastRAM. The amount is dependent on the video cards ram structure. Some 256mb video cards may only allow 128mb if that's the largest available block. The included video card can map greater than 128mb as I recall. Worst case it would allow 128mb.

Also included are the original installer cdroms and documentation. I will also include my own configuration notes for the Mediator and some of the pci cards.

Having a pci bus in the Amiga also presents the option of using certain pci cards that have a ppc processor installed as a ppc co-processor for warp os. The software required to make these cards usable is from the Sonnet PPC project. See the project git hub for a list of compatible ppc cards if interested. Also note that a 3dgx Voodoo graphics card would be required for warp3d graphics support vs the included Radeon card which does not have warp 3d driver support from the sonnetppc project. No ppc card or voodoo video card is included.

I am happy to answer any questions.  Available on Amibay also.

Sold as is without warranty or returns.

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