Amiga 500 RGBtoHDMI CPLD Longboy version. For Sale

Amiga 500 RGBtoHDMI CPLD Longboy version.

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Amiga 500 RGBtoHDMI CPLD Longboy version.:

This is Fletch's version of LinuxJedi's Amiga RGBtoHDMI CPLD version for the Amiga 500.
Here's a quote from the developer.
"This adaptor uses a CPLD to pass the RGB and sync signals from the Amiga 500 Denise socket to the Rasperry Pi Zero. It derives the pixel clock in a very different way to the c0pperdragon design and therefore does not require a jumper for Denise / Super Denise and has no "sparkling" pixel issues. It also has the advantage of being firmware upgradable if there are any issues found in the logic."
This longboy version when used with a TF536 or similar, places the pi zero further towards the floppy, allowing clearance.
Pi Zero (w or non w) (Ver 1.3 recommended) , and a push button are needed to complete installation.

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