Amiga A600 * Re-Capped & Expanded For Sale

Amiga A600 * Re-Capped & Expanded

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Amiga A600 * Re-Capped & Expanded:

AMIGA A600 - PALRe-capped & ExpandedFURIA 68020/40 & FPU Card * 11.5MB Ram (8-fast, 1.5-slow, 2-chip)4GB CF-HD * POWER SUPPLY * MOUSE
Specs 68000 at 7.16MHz (NTSC) or 7.09MHz (PAL)
UPGRADED with A Furia 68EC020/40 MHzRAM

1MB Amiga Chip RAM with 80 ns access time;

UPGRADED by further 1MB in "trapdoor" expansion slot/ with Battery Back RTC

9.5 MB = 8MB Fast, 1.5MB Slow with the FURIA Installed

ROM512KB Kickstart ROM or 1MB with unofficial expansionsChipsetEnhanced Chip Set (ECS)Video12-bit color palette (4096 colors)

Graphic modes from:

  • 320×200 to 320×512i with 32, 64 (EHB mode) or 4096 (HAM mode) on-screen colors
  • 640×200 to 640×512i with 16 on-screen colors
  • 1280×200 to 1280×512i, 640×480p60 (VGA) with 4 on-screen colors
Audio4 × 8-bit PCM channels (2 stereo channels)

28–56kHz maximum DMA sampling rate (dependent on video mode in use)
70dB S/N ratio

Removable storage3.5" DD floppy disk drive (880KB capacity)Internal Storage4GB CF CARD HARD CARD
Audio/video outAnalog RGB video out (DB-23M)

Colour Composite video out (RCA) COMPOSITE CABLES INCLUDED
RF audio/video out (RCA)
Audio out (2 × RCA)

Input/output ports2 × Mouse/Gamepad ports (DE9)

RS-232 serial port (DB-25M)
Centronics style parallel port (DB-25F)
Floppy disk drive port (DB-23F)
44-pin ATA controller (internal)
16-bit Type II PCMCIA slot

Expansion slots80-pin expansion slot with 1MB RAM upgrade includes a RTC)Operating systemAmigaOS 3.2.1 Workbench & KickstartPhysical dimensions350 × 240 ×75mm (W × D × H)OtherIntegrated keyboard with 78 keys (without numeric keypad)
Modern NEW Power Supply, more powerful than stock A600 power-supply to accommodate expansions
Condition:This is the last of my Amiga's to Go (sold my expanded CD32, A1200, A500) and I have to admit the one that gives me the most grief giving it up. But life has hit pretty hard and I am unable to use it as often as I had wished and likely will not in the future. So, I made the decision not to leave it in the box on the shelf, but rather let someone else enjoy it.
I purchased this last year, bought & installed the Furia 68EC020/40 accelerator with 9.5 MB Ram, bought and installed the Chip Ram/RTC upgrade, upgraded the ROMS to 3.2.1 and Installed Amiga OS 3.2.1. I just had it serviced & re-capped by the great team at Retro Rewind earlier this month, so it should last another 30 years. This is the unit I did most of my return to game development on. I found this A600 to be more stable than the A1200 with a wider range of software, particularly graphics software. With the Furia installed, this little girl is faster than a stock A3000.The original case is in great shape, no yellowing that these old eyes can see, but unfortunately those darn rear clips do not hold the top down securely. (go figure ;-) ) So, I used a small strip of transparent tape to hold down the ends.
The keyboard is also clean with no yellowing, and fully functional.The 35w North American power-supply is new and provides all the power needed for an expanded system.
The mouse is the original and has worn quite a bit. It works but the spring in the clickers are worn and clicking is sometimes a task, but it does work.
Th floppy drive works fine. I cleaned it and oiled it when I bought it last year, and it reads/writes as it should.Although the A600 works great it is 30 years old and as such offered with no warranty and/or guarantee express or implied as to its condition and operation. It is being offered AS IS, Caveat emptor.What Is Included:
  • Re-Capped Pal Commodore Amiga A600 with 1mb Chip ram/RTC expansion
  • FURIA 68EC020/36 Accelerator with 9.5MB ram & FPU Co-Processor
  • 4GB CF Card-HD
  • New Modern North American Power Supply
  • Commodore Amiga Mouse
  • Composite video/audio Cables
What Is NOT Included:
  • No software (other than what is loaded on the HD)
  • No Monitor (monitor in pics for demonstration purposes only)
  • No RGB Cable or RGB to VGA Adapter
  • No Original Case or Manuals
  • Item tested as working in good condition (subject to pictures provided) however offered with no warranty and/or guarantee express or implied as to its condition and operation. It is being offered AS IS, Caveat emptor.
  • Photos of all components interior and exterior preserving identifying marks have been recorded. Any attempt to fraudulently "switch and return" will be reported to and the buyers local police accompanied by the recorded photos.
  • Shipping $25.00 for the lower 48 states only. Add $65.00 for Hawaii and Alaska
  • buyer must pay within 3 days of close of sale per rules. Non paying buyers will be reported to , a nonpayment claim initiated and the item relisted;
  • Handling time may be up to 3 days from date of payment
  • buyers with a response rating of 1 or greater only with no negative response accepted.
  • PayPal only method of payment accepted. No other payment will be considered or accepted.
  • USA buyers ONLY


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