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Amiga CD32 Re-Capped & Expanded

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Amiga CD32 Re-Capped & Expanded :

AMIGA CD32 - PALRe-Capped & Expanded System
TF330 w/030 Processor * 64MB Ram * 8GB CF-HD * Keyboard * MouseSpecsCD32
  • All CD32s have a 68EC020 @ 14.28 MHz soldered to their motherboard.
  • 68030@40MHz with TF330 CD32 has 2 MB 70 ns Chip RAM soldered to its motherboard which could not be expanded further.
  • The 1 kB flash ROM is intended to store game high-scores.
  • 64MB Fast ram with TF330 Installed
Custom chips
  • Alice - AGA display controller
    Lisa - AGA display encoder
    Paula - audio and I/O controller
    Akiko - system address decoder, CD-ROM controller, chunky to planar conversion acceleration
  • All screenmodes offer up to 256 colours from a 24 bit palette, or 262144 colours in HAM8 mode.Chunky to planar pixel conversion is hardware accelerated by Akiko's built-in corner-turn memory.
    Audio output is 8 bit, 4 channel stereo up to 28 kHz.
    All CD32s shipped with Kickstart 3.1 ROM.
Expansion slots
  • 1× expansion slot
  • The 182 pin expansion slot allows the connection of the FMV module (not included) , processor boards or other system expansions.
CD-ROM drive
  • The CD32 features a double speed (330 kB/sec) top-loading CD-ROM drive. The supported CD formats are ISO-9660 CD-ROM, Audio CD, CD+G.
    With the addition of the FMV module (not included) CD-i Digital Video and Video CDs can be played.
  • 2× mouse/game DB9 male
  • 1× aux, 6 pin female mini-DIN
  • 2× stereo audio, RCA jack
  • 1× stereo headphones, 3.5 mm jack
  • 1× composite video, RCA jack
  • 1× CD-ROM header
  • 1× RF Out
  • 1× S-VHS, 4 pin mini-DIN
  • Buffered RGB 23 Pin Video Port with Kipper2K Installed
  • PS2 Keyboard Port with Kipper2K Installed

TF330 CD32 accelerator a perfect upgrade for your Amiga CD32. Included is a gold top Motorola 68030 CPU clocked at 40mhz, 64MB of RAM, 2.5″ IDE connector for an CF HDD Card, RGB socket, PS2 Keyboard ports.

  • MC68030RC40C Processor
  • 64MByte of fast-ram.
  • 44 Pin IDE connector
  • Buffered DB23 (RGB out)
  • PS2 keyboard Port
  • 8GB CF Card HD with 44 pin cable
Kipper2K Riser

  • This is needed to install the TF330 as it acts junction between the motherboard and accelerator card. It also adds an Amiga style 23-pin RGB port to use RGB Monitors like the 1084, and a PS2 keyboard socket to add a keyboard to your CD33. It is plug and play, the PS2 keyboard works right out the box with no configuration needed.
Condition:I just purchased this ultimate AGA System a couple of months ago, but life has hit pretty hard and I am unable to use it as often as I had wished. So, I made the decision not to leave it in the box on the shelve, but rather let someone else enjoy it.It is in excellent condition. Recapped in 2021 - so it should last another 28 years. This is a speed demon, faster than a A3000 and challenges the A4000. It was intended to replace my A1200 (which will be listed soon as well). In Native mode the CD32 runs great, reads all CD's I've tried from Audio to Photo to Game. It automatically reads them in the A1200 mode with the TF330 installed as well. The game pad works equally as well.With the TF330 Installed this is an ultimate AGA system; Fast and useful. The CFHD card is packed with games, programs and utilities all in the Magic Workbench mode (which I prefer to the Commodore WB)The Keyboard works great, and the mouse is okay. Like any Amiga mouse from that vintage it is a bit weak, but works none the less.
Although it works and looks great, this is a 28 year old unit, as such, no warranty and/or guarantee express or implied as to its condition and operation is offered. It is being offered AS IS, Caveat emptor.
The original box is in fairly good condition. no tears, some scrapes but not bad. The original graphic sleeve is missing though as well as no original insertsWhat Is Included:
  • Pal Commodore Amiga CD32 - Re-Capped
  • Commodore Amiga CD32 Game Pad
  • Commodore Amiga A1200 Mouse
  • TerribleFire TF330 68030 Accelerator w/64MB Ram & 8GB CF-HD card
  • Original Commodore Amiga CD32 Box
  • A-Power CD32 switchable 110-240 Power-Supply with North American Adapter
  • Generic PS2 Black Keyboard
What Is NOT Included:
  • No software
  • No Monitor (monitor in pics for demonstration purposes only)
  • No RGB, S-Video, Composite Cables or RGB to VGA Adapter
  • Item tested as working in good condition (subject to pictures provided) however offered with no warranty and/or guarantee express or implied as to its condition and operation. It is being offered AS IS, Caveat emptor.
  • Photos of all components interior and exterior preserving identifying marks have been recorded. Any attempt to fraudulently "switch and return" will be reported to and the buyers local police accompanied by the recorded photos.
  • Shipping $35.00 for the lower 48 states only. Add $40.00 for Hawaii, Alaska and US Territories.
  • buyer must pay within 3 days of close of sale per rules. Non paying buyers will be reported to , a nonpayment claim initiated and the item relisted;
  • Handling time may be up to 3 days from date of payment
  • buyers with a response rating of 1 or greater only with no negative response accepted.
  • PayPal only method of payment accepted. No other payment will be considered or accepted.
  • USA buyers ONLY


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