Amiga Tech. A4000T-060, A Real One, Picasso IV, SONY CPD220VS, A2065 Networking For Sale

Amiga Tech. A4000T-060, A Real One, Picasso IV, SONY CPD220VS, A2065 Networking

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Amiga Tech. A4000T-060, A Real One, Picasso IV, SONY CPD220VS, A2065 Networking:

UPDATED 1/26/2023
Believed to be the last commercially sold Escom AG: Amiga Technologies GmbH A4000T-060 (aka: A4060T) in the United States. Many venders were called in February-March of 1997 who all replied that this machine was "Sold-Out". Escom AG had declared bankruptcy in July of 1996. A call was placed to Quick-Pak, the US manufacturer whose reply was "We don't have any and we may never produce them again". But they also suggested I call Anti-Gravity Products in Santa Monica CA as they were the major suppliers for many Hollywood graphic studios. The machine you see here was their last one. I am the original and only owner of this great machine. Amiga Technologies was sold to "Gateway 2000" 23 days later. Any naysayers of course will tell you that similar machines were produced later as copyrights were sold etc.
The Amiga goes down in history as the computer that invented hardware accelerated graphic animation, photo-realistic color displays and the Color Graphic User Interface. The original Amiga in 1985 could address 8 megabytes of ram and had Pre-Emptive Multi-Tasking, thus making every other PC on the market look silly. And many believe this A4060T was as good as Amiga got back then.
The Motorola 68060 processor accelerator board was designed and copyright owned by the great Jeff Boyer (GVP fame) for Amiga Technologies. It has a slight overclock and makes use of EDO ram. Because of these features it out performed any other accelerator board available at the time this machine was produced. In November of 1997 this machine was returned to Quick-Pak for a factory warranty repair said to be that the processor had failed. It has performed flawlessly since then. It is my understanding that Apple never produced a Macintosh with this Ultimate Motorola 68000 series processor.
This machine has been equipped since 1997 with a Picasso IV graphics card w/scan-doubler/flicker-fixer, Commodore A2065 network card, and GVP I-O Extender card because, like many others, the parallel port would not function. I am including a "CentreCom 210TS" twisted pair transceiver which then allows the A2065 to be connected to your modem/router via a standard ethernet cable. Factory serial port operation is unknown. The original keyboard has a few non-functioning keys thus, am including a brand-new A4000T keyboard with the long cable. The original factory mouse and the highly sought after collectors "Pregnant Mouse". Also notice the impossible to find original "KEYS" for the factory lock. An easy to replace removeable coin style battery has been installed on the motherboard. Yes, it keeps the time & date which is important for AmiSSL.
The hard disk is a Seagate ST34501N SCSI 4.5gb 10000rpm server type drive. The fastest hard-drive that can be connected to the original factory motherboard SCSI connections. Originally these drives sold for approx. $1300.00. I'll include a Quantum Fireball 2.1gb which was the optional factory drive both installed with OS 3.9. The Seagates have some quirks, but speed wise they make the Quantum look silly. The 4060 accelerator has provisions to have a SCSI-Wide chip installed which also requires a rom upgrade...good luck with that !Please note the pic showing an EXTRA motherboard and other electronic boards on the silver envelope, they are included as well !!!!!!! Some of these boards have been swapped into the machine and the ones that come with the sale are to be considered as "NOT WORKING" & "FOR PARTS OR REPAIR ONLY". Once checked and/or repaired these electronics could go a long way to building a second machine or just retained for spares.The Sony Trinitron CPD-220VS is one best CRT computer monitors ever made. This 17" gem priced at $900.00 back in 1997 and weighs in at 37lbs. easily displays most of the resolutions this Picasso IV equipped machine is capable of. Flat panel displays usually have a default resolution and when your computer feeds it something different things look ahhh...not quite right. At least that's been my experience. This Sony also has stereo left and right speakers as well as a lower sub-woofer, microphone and earphone jacks. See pics for condition.Internet WWW makes use of the Miami Deluxe TCP/IP and the IBrowse 2.5.8 browser from Stephan Burstrom who is still providing updates !!! Sorry...NO CSS...cascading style sheets. Amiga websites load pretty snappy and look good, especially with javascript turned off. Sites w/CSS will leave you wanting. AmiSSL-OpenSSL 3.0 files need occasional updates or https. certs notifications will interrupt with warnings. Geniuses working in their spare time for free. I finally have NetSurf 3.10-68k w/CSS working. Both browsers have their pluses and minuses.
This machine was just pulled from many years of storage so testing, software updating and evaluation is ongoing but almost done. Thus...this listing will have updates...stay tuned...Happy to answer your questions and latest info. I look forward to demoing this awesome vintage machine to the lucky buyer. Sorry... but testing each and every port for every function and connection is just a Bridge Too Far for this Time-Machine.
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I have the original box and the shipping box it was placed in.
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