Apollo IceDrake Amiga 1200 accelerator with optional OmniPort For Sale

Apollo IceDrake Amiga 1200 accelerator with optional OmniPort

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Apollo IceDrake Amiga 1200 accelerator with optional OmniPort:

Selling an Apollo IceDrake Amiga 1200 accelerator.  Like new.   Used maybe an hour upon arrival. Purchased new in July direct from Apollo Team.  Includes instructions, stickers,  usb port cable for tower case installations, and an optional OmniPort for IceDrake (was sold seperately; brings the network, hdmi, usb to the back of amiga 1200 case).   Also Includes the cf card adapter provided by apollo.   No cf card is included.  Recommend an ApolloOS or Coffin image installation to cf card because those include relevant card drivers (apollo os 128gb cards are available and sold by apollo).  

Installed the accelerator briefly upon purchase to evaluate and it worked fine but I had already determined with my previous vampire v2 that my amiga 1200 requires some missing and recommended timing fixes important to many accelerators including individual computers, apollo and vampire.  Unfortunately it looks like i will not have time to take care of that for a while and my 1200 is in limbo disassembled on my bench.. so have just decided to go ahead and sell the accelerator.  

Support if it is required is readily available direct from the apollo core discord.  Keep in mind your amiga may also need the recommended timing fixes (Ian Steadman details them well on his website),  the apolloos and coffin os are both works in progress,  as are these accelerator firmwares and drivers themselves.   Thus I am unable to guarantee the results for your hardware, os and software selections.  Good support is available if needed and they are actively improving firmwares (cores) and drivers etc.  It\'s all very excitingselling to see.   There\'s a good community of users and skilled developers involved.   Still due to all of these variables I am selling this accelerator strictly as-is without warranty (from me) or returns.  Selling below what I recently invested in the accelerator and omniport.   Looks like it is currently unavailable from apollo shop (sold out).

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