Apple 1 Replica including Vintage Monitor, Case & Manual SIGNED BY STEVE WOZNIAK For Sale

Apple 1 Replica including Vintage Monitor, Case & Manual SIGNED BY STEVE WOZNIAK
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Apple 1 Replica including Vintage Monitor, Case & Manual SIGNED BY STEVE WOZNIAK:

For the perfect Christmas gift for the techno-lover or technology titan who has everything...THIS IS A 1-OF-1 and is as much a piece of collectable art as it is a revolutionary piece of technology!...go you can buy the real thing, currently for sale on by another seller for are offerding on a fully functional Apple 1 replica, almost indistinguishable from the original Apple 1 (which now sells for over $1 million, see photos to judge for yourself). The Apple 1 replica comes with:
1- Modern Apple-1 emulator board including an SD card pre-loaded with several original Apple-1 games
2- Power supply (located inside of case)
3- Apple 1 wood replica case...the Apple 1\'s were NOT sold with a case. \"The Byte Shop\" in Palo Alto built a limited number of these cases to sell to hobbyists 50+ years ago. I obtained the original dimensional drawing of the case and recreated it. The original cases were constructed with Koa wood. I used Oak with a stain that looks very close to the original.
4- A period specific Sony monitor. NOTE: The Apple 1 was NOT sold with a monitor, so hobbyists used mostly a Sony TV/Monitor. I was able to source an ORIGINAL working monitor (see photos)
5- Apple did not sell a keyboard with their machines. Most hobbyists used a Datanetics keyboard. I sourced a modern version of a keyboard that works correctly with the emulator board (and is easily replaceable if it ever dies or gets damaged).
6- An Apple-1 reproduction manual, SIGNED by the great Steve Wozniak personally! A certificate of authenticity and photo of him signing are included.
7-The computer functions exactly the same way that the Apple 1 functioned. A manual is included to get you started with some basic coding.
Now for some notes on the monitor...The Apple-1 replica board sends out a perfect, bright and crisp VGA video signal. If you look at the last photo I attached you will see you can have an absolutely crisp image on ANY VGA monitor simply by plugging the VGA cable directly into the monitor. No adjustments needed.
In order to fully replicate the look of the Apple-1 I have included electronics that convert the VGA signal into a TV signal which displays on the Sony monitor. There is a photo of a bunch of cables outside the case that shows the can easily move these wires within the case to cover them up and it will still function the same way (I left them outside to show you the wiring). The Sony monitor included is MORE THAN 50 YEARS OLD, so the image is much fainter than I would like. Bottom line, please be aware of this short-coming if you plan to use the Apple-1 replica with the included Sony monitor (see photo of monitor \"on\" displaying some info from the Apple-1 replica to get an idea of the brightness). Note- If you display the Apple-1 replica with the monitor off, such as in the first photo, or on a newer VGA monitor, this is a moot point.
Shipping/Pickup- I have a 100% customer satisfaction record and value my reputation. Please do not offer on this item if you do not intend to honor your commitment. I would GREATLY PREFER that you come to my home (central NJ) to pickup the unit and monitor so that I can demonstrate that everything is working 100% when you take possession of it. I realize that the scarcity of this replica might elicit offers from locations in the US where a personal pickup is not possible, so I WILL ship the unit to you. It will take a lot of packing and is pretty heavy (given the solid wood case and the weight of the SONY monitor). I will photograph the unit working prior to packing it, but once it leaves my home and the shipper takes possession I cannot be responsible for any damage (the Apple-1 replica and case are rock-solid...the 50+ year old monitor might get temperamental during shipment).
I\'m happy to help you when you receive it, but it is super simple to use and takes just a few plugs to connect.
This was a labor of love, so feel free to ask questions and good luck!

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