Apple II Diagnostic and Board Repair Service (Apple 2 IIe IIc etc) For Sale

Apple II Diagnostic and Board Repair Service (Apple 2 IIe IIc etc)

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Apple II Diagnostic and Board Repair Service (Apple 2 IIe IIc etc):

Apple II Diagnostic and Board Repair Service
I had a few people inquire if I could help them to troubleshoot their retro Apple computers. I'm a retro-computer enthusiast and enjoy rescuing vintage computers.Need troubleshooting advice? It's free!
If you have questions or need troubleshooting advice just ask. If I can help remotely then we might be able to get your Apple working for free.Need troubleshooting and repair?If you're having issues with your Apple II and can't fix it on your own then I'd be happy to look at your board. I'll do the following:
  • Basic dead-test diagnostic (black screen issues, etc).
  • Troubleshoot to identify defective chips, board damage, etc
  • Remove defective chips and installing sockets where needed (up to 2 chips/sockets; if it requires more then I'll let you know)
  • Includes small repair parts (chip sockets, small capacitors, resistors, etc)
  • Does not include major chips/ICs and large components (large caps, power switch, etc)
  • Full diagnostic test after repair is complete
  • If I can't get your Apple working then you pay nothing and I'll provide a refund
I'll get the board fully working with spares I have here. I have chip sockets and small components here that I'll provide and replace as necessary as part of this service.Note that if any of the major chips need to be replaced then you'll have to purchase those separately. I might have an extra chip to sell you if necessary, or can order one for you if you prefer that I install it.
If there was a previous repair attempt on your board that didn't work please let me know in advance. If chips were removed from the board and traces were lifted then the repair will be more involving. I can likely still do it, but it will take more time (and likely cost a bit more).
Buyer is responsible for shipping here (I'm located in Virginia) and return shipping to back you.

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