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Apple II V2 ANALOG VGA & Z80 PCPI Applicard Softcard PicoPal IIe as seen online for Sale - Knoppix.net

Apple II V2 ANALOG VGA & Z80 PCPI Applicard Softcard PicoPal IIe as seen online For Sale

Apple II V2 ANALOG VGA & Z80 PCPI Applicard Softcard PicoPal IIe as seen online
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Apple II V2 ANALOG VGA & Z80 PCPI Applicard Softcard PicoPal IIe as seen online:


Adrians Digital Basement made a great video about the projectthat you can watch here: Video & Z80 Applicard support for Apple II computers andclones with slots.
Edit Jan 2024: As of New Years there is a new firmware that can allow the use of a USB mouse act as an Apple II mouse on supported games/Programs.
This version design ofthe card is done by the very talented Ralle Palaveev. Usingcommon off the shelf components and fully socketed.

The∀2 Analog is a VGA Video card for Apple II, II+, and IIecomputers as well as any Apple II clone with slots.

The∀2 Analog builds on theAppleII-VGA by Mark Aikens, adding the ∀2 PicoPal to condense theslot selection logic typically needed for Apple II peripherals down to onechip.

The firmware of the ∀2 Analog has beenexpanded to support Apple IIe compatible DGR, DHGR, and 80 column video, aswell as Apple IIgs compatible registers for Text, Background and Border colors.Multiple alternate firmware modes including a PCPI Z80 Applicard emulator ALLOWING YOU TO RUN CP/M NATIVELY ON YOUR APPLE II SEE PHOTOS, andmore features are still being developed and added in the future.

Card can emulate many graphics modes including 80col video and Apple II TTL RGB with IIGs and other modes in active development.

Something to note, this is a card with a raspberry pi on it which runs many times faster than the apple II. This Raspberry PI can take raw signals from the Apple II and do anyting with them. Meaning this Raspberry PI can become ANY TYPE OF DEVICE. The potential for future updates is impressive!

Disk Images available online for download. New disk images willsoon be available with updated utilities to match the modular firmware.

Please check the projectwebsite for further details regarding compatibility and updates.

This is a new Open Source project for vintage Apple II machinesthat uses a raspberry pi pico to output a crystal clear Color VGA signalinstead of the standard composite out.

This is a project still in development so there will be incompatibilitiesand issues with some software and possible hardware combinations as well butthe good thing with raspberry pi based hardware is that the firmware can easilybe updated in future when new firmware updates are released.

My cards have been tested in a Apple IIe Platinum but shouldwork in all the different apple II models if i understand it correctly.

These cards can also be re-flashed with firmware that turns itinto a Z80 CP/M SOFTCARD Emulating the Very Rare and expensive PCPI APPLICARDbut running in this mode disables the VGA out.

Thisproject is open source and contains the work of Mark Aikens, David Kuder, andRalle Palaveev as indicated on the card.

ThePICO is preinstalled with V2ANALOG VGA / Pico firmware (See Screenshots!),and the GAL is preprogrammed with the PICOPAL code.

Read more about the project style="margin: 0in 0in 0.25in; background-image: initial; background-position: initial; background-size: initial; background-repeat: initial; background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; box-sizing: border-box;">Usually arrives in 3 to 4 days from shipping date.


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