Apple Keyboard II for Macintosh IIgs ADB Apple Desktop Bus Mac Vintage M0487 For Sale

Apple Keyboard II for Macintosh IIgs ADB Apple Desktop Bus Mac Vintage M0487

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Apple Keyboard II for Macintosh IIgs ADB Apple Desktop Bus Mac Vintage M0487:

For your consideration at this wonderful sale is a vintage beige Apple Keyboard II, model number M0487. Fully tested and working. An ADB port is required for use, but will also work with Griffin's iMate ADB to USB adapter for use with recent Apple systems that have a USB port.Keyboard was manufactured from 1990 to 1994, and was included with several Macintosh Classic, Performa and LC products, and also sold as a separate add-on accessory. The ADB cable is a separate component and a genuine Apple ADB coiled cable (similar to the one shown) is included. Each keyboard has an ADB port for a mouse.Product shown in photo shows the shape for this model of keyboard, and is not the precise unit being shipped.Please see the additional pictures for your review. Multiple units were made available at the start of the sale. Due to the age of these beige plastics, some products have brittle plastics and also experience light to moderate fading yellow when exposed to sunlight over time. I will ship international.
IMPORTANT POLICIES AND TERMS: 1. Placing a offer in this sale signifies the buyer's acceptance and complete understanding of these policies and terms, in addition to the policies set forth in the user agreement.2. Payment must be received within five (5) days of sale closing.If you are unable to pay, please do not offer.3. Shipping and handling is specified by cost listed in the sale, or will be determined at the end of the sale, as it is subject to value, weight and destination. Projections are available throughout the duration of the sale with the use of postal zip code. If the sale does not specify a shipping price, an email will be sent to the highest successful buyer with information necessary to complete the transaction.4. Item will be prepared for departure as soon as possible after payment arrives, departures are unavailable on weekends or holidays. Items are packed sufficiently and professionally using standard and fresh packaging materials. 5. International shipping is more expensive than domestic shipping. If you are located in a different region and would like to offer and purchase an item that we are initially unable to ship, please email seller to request reasonable accommodations. Please be specific with custom shipping arrangements as there is no guarantee otherwise.6. Copyright Protection. sale pictures and descriptions, including these terms and conditions, are copyright protected by the seller. Serial numbers may be recorded. All cases of plagiarism and unauthorized reproduction of seller?s materials will be investigated and dealt with severely. Such investigations may suspend the sale.7. Items featured in description pictures are described as fairly and accurately as possible. Do not assume something works in a certain imagined way, or if a part is included even if it is not there. Do research the items should technical specifications exist on the manufacturer?s website.8. Prospective buyers are encouraged to email the seller with questions as early as possible about this item only before offerding and before the sale ends. However, emailing seller during sale within the last few hours of the sale end does not necessarily guarantee a response.9. Delivery Confirmation and Insurance are often available with USPS Priority Mail and are typically included with exclusive items. Upon item departure, an email will be sent to the buyer containing such information. 10. The items are being provided "as is" and without warranties of any kind, either express or implied. There are no refunds or exchanges. Shipping costs and postage are nonrefundable once the package is shipped out by the seller. Buyer must save and present original packaging materials to claim an insured item.11. sales that are not completed will become null and void, with possibilities for the item to be relisted. buyers who do not pay, others who sabotage the seller or contradict these terms, and sellers who do not perform will be registered on a blocked buyer list, and they will remain there.12. Be nice. All communications or activity consisting of inappropriate remarks, questionable behavior or defamatory references will be reported and dealt with consequences.13. No children or natural weather emergencies. buyers must be legally eligible to participate in the sale. Participants must be 18 years of age, or older. Seller reserves the right to suspend suspicious offers; do not ask seller to cancel offers placed in error. An sale may be closed earlier than scheduled closing when deemed necessary (weather emergencies). 14. Non-paying buyers and whiners will be shot down. Decisions rendered by the seller are considered ultimately as final, in accordance with standard procedures and policies. Do not argue with people.

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