Apple Macintosh 128K M0001 Computer (1984) w/Imagewriter Printer *ORIGINAL OWNER For Sale

Apple Macintosh 128K M0001 Computer (1984) w/Imagewriter Printer *ORIGINAL OWNER

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Apple Macintosh 128K M0001 Computer (1984) w/Imagewriter Printer *ORIGINAL OWNER:

Apple Macintosh 128K M0001 Computer (1984) w/Imagewriter Printer * MINTY.

Bundle includes:

  • Macintosh 128K computer (1984) - Serial number F40521SM001 as shown in picture
  • Keyboard (original)
  • Mouse (1984) w/printer cable (I did not test this)
  • Power cords and cables (original)
  • All manuals
  • MacPaint/ MacWrite software in box
  • Microsoft Multiplan software in box(this is the precursor to Microsoft Excel !!!)
  • Typing Tutor III software
  • Audio cassette tape – Intro to Macintosh
I even have the ORIGINAL SALES RECEIPT for the Macintosh 128K and printer ($2,990 paid to Computer Town in Salem, NH on 1/2984) !!!! I remember we had to wait for weeks after we ordered it for the computer to arrive it was so new to the market!
NOTE: The original Picasso box is not included. I do have a Macintosh Classic box that I will securely package the computer in for travel to its new home.

According to the Early Mac SerialNumbeDecoder at[link removed by ]:

Your(SM001), with serial numberF40521ISM001, was the2346thmanufactured during the5thweek of1984inFremont, CA.


Condition is overall excellent for its age.I plugged everything in and it came right back to life. I played Typing Tutor III which you can see in the pictures. The screen is bright and the disk drive sounds are exactly as I remember them. Thereisa slight yellowing due to age as with almost all computers of its time. Items have been safely stored away in light protected andclimate-controlledstorage. There are no scratches or dings noted on the casing. I am the original owner and have owned this since I was a teen in the 1980s. The system could probably benefit from a disk drive tune-up, but powers on and everything appears to be 100% operational. Spare battery compartment was never used, so there's absolutely no corrosion from old batteries.

Due to the age of the items, everything is being sold as is. No returns accepted, however I have 100% positive response and am happy to answer any questions about the system before placing offer. As for shipping, I will pack in multiple boxes and make sure this gets to you safely and securely. Thanks for looking :)

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